BURIED ALIVE? Hollyoaks favourite reveals BIZARRE FUNERAL and particular song!


Watch a sneak peak of Maxine Minniver’s funeral in Hollyoaks as Nikki Sanderson, who plays her, reveals the bizarre arrangement and the song that Liberty performs!

Considering that his new wife Maxine Minniver (Nikki Sanderson) does not have lengthy left to reside, Damon Kinsella (Jacob Roberts) organises a particular ‘living funeral’ for his beloved new wife in Hollyoaks.

In a bizarre break with tradition, viewers will see Maxine’s nearest and dearest collect subsequent Thursday (Aug 22) to celebrate her life and spend tribute to the mum even though she is Nonetheless ALIVE.

Close friends and family members have been hoodwinked into believing that Max has an inoperable brain tumour and is at death’s door, having said that, as Sienna Blake (Anna Passey) knows, the truth is that Maxine has been deceiving everybody and truly has a syndrome referred to as Munchausen’s which implies she can not cease feigning critical illness.

Maxine Minniver

Maxine Minniver goes to her personal funeral

Sienna Blake

Liberty (left) has written a particular song for Maxine’s funeral

As loved ones collect for the funeral, Liberty has designed a distinctive song for Maxine which she can not wait to peform! Despite the fact that we’re not certain how a lot Maxine will like it!

Liberty’s most current song which she sings for Maxine at the living funeral is offered right here: EXCLUSIVE CLIP

Right here Nikki Sanderson, who plays Maxine, tells us what else is in retailer on the day which ends with a SHOCKING twist….

How does Maxine really feel when Damon suggests the living funeral?

Maxine is thrilled with this simply because it is one more occasion exactly where Maxine can be the centre of consideration. She can command a day that is all about her and can be told how excellent and incredible she has been in people’s lives. The living funeral is just one more excuse to get dressed up and really feel like a million dollars, even even though she’s supposed to be dying.

Maxine Minniver goes to her own funeral

Is Maxine worried about Sienna figuring out about her Munchausen’s?

Unquestionably simply because at any point Sienna could inform folks and land Maxine in extremely deep problems!

How would Maxine react if she found that Damon was making use of the crowd-funded cash for the funeral?

Mostly scared for Damon, simply because it is fraud and it is illegal. On the other hand, Maxine is extremely a lot enjoying the spoils of that cash with her wedding, her honeymoon, her jewellery and all of these excellent points that Damon is carrying out for her.

Maxine breaks down to Sienna this week, is it challenging for her to admit to the truth?

It is undoubtedly challenging for Maxine to inform the truth simply because she does really feel guilty about it. She knows that what she’s carrying out is incorrect and she knows that what she’s carrying out is causing a lot of discomfort and hurt for folks about her. It is this compulsive issue inside her and inside her thoughts that is forcing her and manipulating her to do so.  She can not cease carrying out what she’s carrying out.

Maxine Minniver

Maxine with husband Damon and Sienna

A quantity of folks make speeches for Maxine. can you clarify why Darren and Nancy do?

Darren and Maxine have been boyfriend and girlfriend in the previous. They have had a lengthy operating history collectively inside the show and Darren was 1 of the 1st folks that Maxine bumped in to in the village when she 1st arrived. Nancy has been 1 of Maxine’s ideal close friends ever considering that she arrived as well.

Tells us extra about the song that Liberty performs…

Properly as everyone knows, Liberty’s songs can come across with the greatest intentions of warmth and like and they come from a great location, but at times the lyrics to the songs do not necessarily correlate with Liberty’s which means behind it. She implies it from the ideal and most excellent location but at times the words can make folks really feel definitely poor!

Maxine Minniver

The funeral appears extremely extravagant. Can you describe it for us?

It is in the folly which has been decorated beautifully. There are lots of flowers everywhere and the chairs are beautifully decorated. It sort of appears extra like a small wedding. There’s a throne which Maxine certainly adores and she loves the truth that she’s sat in a throne becoming the queen of the day. Maxine is wearing a ball gown, why wouldn’t she put on a ball gown for her personal funeral… I feel the word for it is extremely extravagant!

Was it entertaining to film these scenes?

It was a lot of entertaining, in particular simply because the folks that I was acquiring to perform with I’ve worked with a lot and I certainly adore. We had a definitely very good crew as nicely so it was entertaining to film.

Maxine and Damon

Damon with Maxine

Jacob Morgan who plays Damon has revealed that the funeral ends in tears, could you tease what could take place?

Yes the funeral will finish in tears, not simply because of everyone dying… it ends in tears simply because one thing else  is revealed!

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