Fuck. The production. I need this album NOW.

queeeens this has probably been Charli’s best release since Pop 2
so excited for both of their next albums

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This is the best Sky’s voice has ever sounded to me.

Me gusta. 🙌🏽


she’s incapable of releasing a bad song

Did she photoshop out her nipples or are they just small? Like I feel like they’d have to be really small to fit behind that metal stuff

for some reason this comment after all the others is killing me

lmao i’m p sure it’s photoshop

Ok but are we fucking GAGGING OR WHAT?! My ass is emotionally CLIMAXING on the floor omfggggggggggggg thank you to everything that’s happened in humankind that’s lead up to the point of ME LISTENING TO THIS AHHHHHHHHHHHH

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lol get that life sis! im picking up ’emotionally climaxing on the floor’ for future purposes


I almost like this but the only thing I cant vibe is her voice on the hook

Charli should be interesting


I LOVE IT. UGH. I love them both so this one of my dream collabs… and they killed it!

I’m so pumped for this album! Bop after bop!

i love it ugh i cant wait for both of their albums

It’s missing marina!!! But a bop nonetheless.

Not after she threw shade at Charlotte


Between this and her collab with Christine and the Queens, I am STANNING.

Super into this. Broke up with someone, got back together and now we’re breaking up again I think 🙃

Leave men alone 2019

ooo I really like it

i like it on first listen ig
mostly i’m hyped to see her live again

the visual reminds me of &walsh



I’m satisfied by this point that she’s got a worthy successor to Pop 2 on her hands and now I need it in mine.

It reminds me of something. Oh, I remember. That song Lazarus. I guess the high ‘oh oh oh oh’ parts. I like it, but maybe I like it because it sounds like that other song.