Leikeli47 may perhaps rap about obtaining revenue, smoking “girl blunts,” and obtaining an attitude, but behind her signature mask — a sartorial selection that “keeps the concentrate on the art” although generating a character — is a lady hustling and grinding to make her dreams come accurate.

The musician has had a busy year following the November release of her album Acrylic and embarking on a tour of the exact same name. The LP is an ode to black-owned nail salons that typically serve as protected spaces for individuals of colour, and that is precisely what Leikeli47’s tour was all about: connecting with her fans to make a entertaining and inclusive atmosphere. “What stuck with me throughout the tour, honestly, was the individuals,” she told POPSUGAR more than the telephone on Aug. eight. “Just seeing distinctive individuals, seeing a sold-out crowd — it was a terrific knowledge.”

“I am just grateful to go and reside out my dream and perform to be the greatest version of myself.”

Whilst Leikeli47 took her show on the road, she was also dubbed Skullcandy’s artist of the month in June. In partnership with the audio electronic business, she took aspect in a beauty salon-inspired photo session for their 12 Moods campaign and spoke with the brand about her evolving profession. As a style enthusiast — a passion that is evident in her vibrant music videos — Leikeli47 specially loved operating on the shoot and modeling cotton candy pink ensembles against a rosy background. “It was dope how they matched up the artist with colors and points of that nature. We just had a lot of entertaining on set,” she added.

While going on tour and collaborating with a large-name brand are impressive accomplishments of their personal, Leikeli47’s year of chance and development is far from more than. On Aug. 24, she’s set to take the stage at Afropunk in Brooklyn, NY, which holds an added particular which means to her. Not only did she develop up in Brooklyn, but the festival falls proper in line with the her mission to help and embrace the beauty of blackness. And even even though she currently performed at Afropunk in 2017, the excitement this time about hasn’t faded a single bit.

“It indicates all the things to get out there and carry out,” she stated, reflecting on Afropunk’s cultural significance. “It is such a stunning crowd. When I got to do it the initially time, I was type of in shock. But it is entertaining to be a aspect of that knowledge. This year, I am seeking forward to all of the style, I am seeking forward to seeing the other artists — I am basically seeking forward to what I am going to do simply because I typically surprise myself. I am just grateful to go and reside out my dream and perform to be the greatest version of myself.”

Even with all of the moving components in Leikeli47’s life, there is a single issue she’s most excited about: her subsequent album (simply because the grind definitely in no way stops for her). The subsequent collection of bops is titled Shape Up. “It is going to be the finish of my beauty series,” she stated, referring to her trilogy of albums that presently consists of 2017’s Wash & Set and 2018’s Acrylic. There is no official release date for the upcoming LP, but she’s focused on perfecting the album prior to it drops, simply because mediocrity is not a aspect of her DNA. That is why she also encourages other artists to place their all into mastering a craft.

“Do what you have to do to no cost oneself and get what ever inspires you out of your heart and into the globe,” she advises. “You also have to perform particularly really hard. There is a particular perform ethic that ought to come with getting oneself and getting no cost. And outwork oneself do not assume about outworking a further individual. Be the greatest individual you can be, and retain pushing and striving. And just have entertaining.”

Image Supply: Courtesy of Skullcandy