“I never want to predict an outcome, I am just saying the president, who knows a issue or two about getting genuine estate, desires to take a appear at a Greenland acquire,” Kudlow told Fox News.

Kudlow mentioned the circumstance was “creating” and noted that US President Harry Truman also had wanted to purchase Greenland.

Could Greenland become an American state or territory?

Could Greenland grow to be an American state or territory?Credit:AP

“And Denmark owns Greenland, Denmark is an ally, Greenland is a strategic location, up there. And they’ve got a lot of precious minerals,” Kudlow added.

A defence treaty involving Denmark and the United States dating back to 1951 offers the U.S. military rights more than the Thule Air Base in northern Greenland.

President Donald Trump’s want to purchase Greenland, which is component of the kingdom of Denmark, was 1st reported final week by the Wall Street Journal.

Two people today with direct expertise of the directive told The Washington Post that Trump had talked about the thought on several occasions more than the course of quite a few weeks. Aides had been waiting for far more path prior to they decided how seriously to proceed.

Trump is scheduled to stop by Denmark in two weeks. In the days due to the fact news of Trump’s interest in Greenland broke, the thought has been ridiculed by politicians in Denmark, and Greenland’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs mentioned Friday that the island is not for sale.

“Greenland is wealthy in precious sources such as minerals, the purest water and ice, fish stocks, seafood, renewable power and is a new frontier for adventure tourism,” the ministry mentioned in a tweet. “We’re open for small business, not for sale.”

With melting ice generating the area far more accessible, the United States could appear to use the nation as a base to counter Russian and Chinese moves in the Arctic.


China declared itself a “close to-Arctic nation” final year and has defended its want for a “Polar Silk Road” in which Chinese goods would be delivered by sea from Asia to Europe.

China not too long ago sought to bankroll the building of 3 airports in Greenland, drawing concern from then-US Defence Secretary Jim Mattis and prompting the Pentagon to make the case to Denmark that it need to fund the facilities itself rather than rely on Beijing.

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