UPDATE, six:22 p.m. ET: Uh-oh. Items just got WAY extra significant in the ongoing breakup battle in between Portwood and Glennon.

According to a supply who spoke on Sunday to Us Weekly, “tens of thousands of dollars” are missing from Amber and Andrew’s joint bank account, and the aftermath has turned into “an ugly he stated-she stated battle.”

The insider revealed extra (beneath):

“A lot of dollars went missing from Amber’s and Andrew’s joint bank account top up to the fight. Amber is really trusting, so at initially when she noticed there was some dollars gone she did not want to make an situation out of it even even though she is completely supporting their family members financially. Amber wanted Andrew to contribute to their family members on some level and that is an situation that had been brewing.”

Properly this is not superior!!!

An insider close to Glennon also spoke about the incident right here, revealing extra (beneath):

“Amber and Andrew became conscious of their joint bank account becoming manipulated [with unauthorized charges] … and agreed the most effective issue to do was to suspend that account and transfer the funds. She insisted on removing all the dollars from their joint account and obtaining a secure … [Glennon] could not maintain up with Amber’s unnecessary life expenditures. Andrew just not too long ago paid for each of Amber’s auto notes, her telephone bill, the electrical bill, gas, cable bill, roof repairs, her furnishings financing, [their son] James’ current vaccinations, as properly as all of his meals and necessities. Every single verify Andrew would bring in would be immediately spent on the upkeep of the residence.”


Sounds like items are set to stay nasty and vindictive in between the pair, at least for the foreseeable future…


Amber Portwood is nevertheless feeling the consequences of her unfortunate domestic battery incident which initially led to the finish of her partnership with now-ex boyfriend Andrew Glennon.

But it is not just the partnership at stake any longer — for what it is worth, Glennon has extended due to the fact seemed to be entirely accomplished with Amber. Now, the Teen Mom star ought to fight (if she wants…) to maintain the pair’s a single-year-old son in Indiana, due to the fact Glennon is having prepared to leave town.

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According to TMZ, Glennon has filed legal docs indicating he intends to move out of Indiana and back to his hometown of Malibu, California. On its personal, this would all be superior and fine, thinking of Glennon has shown completely no interest in reconciling with the reality Television star.

But the couple shares a single-year old son James — of whom Glennon has custody, with Amber getting supervised visits — and if he moves back to Cali there’s a actual opportunity James will come with his father. If Amber desires her son inside, like a handful of thousand miles… now would be the time to fight for him!!

Per the court docs, it seems Glennon is not permitted to up and move suitable away, as the custody situation complicates items a bit. We’re told Amber has 60 days to respond to her ex’s relocation strategy, presumably with some sort of prospective agreement for how she’d see her son if Glennon have been to move back to the west coast.

Amber Portwood Andrew Glennon
Amber, Andrew, and infant James for the duration of happier instances. / (c) Instagram

We’ll maintain you posted on what ends up taking place there, of course for now, it marks but an additional difficult blow for Portwood, who is reeling in the ongoing aftermath of her domestic battery case involving Glennon. The reality Television star has had restricted get in touch with with her kids due to the fact of it, and the complete issue is messy AF, from the cheating allegations flying about simultaneously, to the actual violence itself.

Caught in the middle is a single-year-old James, who apparently has been obtaining a superior time with father Glennon regardless of all the courtroom drama involved right here. But with the prospective move ahead, no matter how mature each parties may possibly be about items, it sounds like James could possibly primarily be a pawn of sorts in between the two. Not a terrific position in which to place a child… Just sayin’.

Anyways, what do y’all feel, Perezcious readers? Exactly where do U stand on Amber’s ongoing legal and family members dramas? Should really Andrew move back to Malibu and take James with him?? Is it unfair to James and Amber to place them in that position, even though? Or did Amber bring all this upon herself?!

Sound OFF about all of it and then some in the comments (beneath)…

[Image via Amber Portwood/Instagram]