Disney+ Named Out by The Simpsons More than Corporate Twitter Stunt


It really is Disney+ Moving day and every person is excited — except “The Simpsons“.

On Monday the upcoming streaming service kicked off an epic Twitter thread that saw all its properties enthusiastically engaging with a single an additional… pretty much all of them, anyway.

“It really is moving day! Is every person packed and prepared to go to @DisneyPlus?” the official account tweeted, ahead of Pixar, Star Wars, Marvel, The Avengers, Guardians Of The Galaxy and Even National Geographic got involved in the cute exchange.

“Nearly! But in a shocking turn of events, we can not obtain Dory,” Pixar Tweeted.

“Possibly we can support!” Nat Geo replied. “Have you attempted hunting in shallow, tropical reefs of the Indo-Pacific? That is exactly where you will obtain paracanthurus hepatus. Just do not get confused with acanthurus leucosternon or acanthurus coeruleus – they all are recognized as blue tangs!”

“Hang tight. We have rather a handful of suits right here,” Marvel joined in with a pic of Iron Man 3’s several wardrobe choices.

“And we’ve got Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, on your left!” The Avengers offical account chimed in, with a clip of “Endgame”‘s well-known finale assembly scene.

The Star Wars offical account then supplied some logistical support with a 1980 clip of Han Solo piloting in “The Empire Strkes Back”: “Appears like you are in need to have of some transport, you scruffy-hunting nerf herders. Welcome aboard the Millennium Falcon, @Marvel! Any additional crew anticipated?”

Groot spoke for The Guardians Of The Galaxy when he added, of course: “I am Groot”.

When most fans have been delighted by the interaction — and the show of Disney’s ever expanding sphere of handle — some followers have been a small additional cynical…. such as a single of Disney’s personal additional current acquisitions.

“Worst. Corporate Twitter stunt. Ever.” The Simpson’s official Twitter account tweeted, with a image of its master of cynicism, Comic Book Guy.

The Simpsons — along with Avatar, Planet Of The Apes, The X-Males, Wonderful 4 and Deadpool — was amongst the properties Disney snapped up in its $71.3billion acquisition of 21st Century Fox in March.

On Monday, Disney also announced new territory and pricing information for the streaming service, which launches on November 12.

Canada and The Netherlands will join the US in finding initially access, even though Australia and New Zealand will stick to close behind a week later on November 19.

Every single nation will spend roughly the identical quantity as shoppers in the US, exactly where it charges $six.99 per month — pretty much half the month-to-month price of rival Netflix — or $69.99 for an annual subscription.

Quickly accessible will be 18 of Pixar’s 21 motion pictures, most Marvel films, Disney’s film back catalog, five,000 episodes of Disney Channel shows, 100 Disney Channel original motion pictures — and 30 seasons of The Simpsons.

Disney also announced it will stream on all important platforms, except for Amazon and its Fire devices.

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