Jay Juice is a young 15 year old on the rise out of Akron, Ohio and he has been in a position to get function from Memphis’s NLE Choppa. Their track is titled, “Sticks” and it is a zippy banger. Developed by Slimalmi5hty Beats, he supplies a light however poppy and bass heavy instrumental that is much more of an undertone for Jay and Choppa’s pacy flows. Jay Juice dominates most of the track as Choppa is merely a function on the track but it is nonetheless a excellent way to get his name out there by linking with 1 of the hottest in the game. Jay Juice and YSN Flow are two of the youngest coming out of Ohio as they each have strong song producing skills and Jay Juice need to appear to develop off of this collaboration.

The music video is shot by @codymakesvisuals and @atmosvisuals as they highlight the duo sitting subsequent to each and every flowing at the camera and at the studio becoming illuminated by several colors. The entirety of the video is a excellent showcase for the vibrant future of Jay Juice as he need to hopefully continue to collaborate with much more artists quickly.

Appreciate “Sticks” under.