RHOC’s Kelly Dodd Says ‘Tres Amigas’ Worry Getting Fired, Exposes Tamra


RHOC's Kelly Dodd Says the 'Tres Amigas' are Scared of Being Fired, Reveals Tamra Offered to Throw Vicki Out of Her Party Plus Does She Regret Pig Video?

Kelly Dodd is calling out the “Tres Amigas.”

In a series of new interviews, the True Housewives of Orange County cast member has taken aim at Tamra Judge and accused the group, which also consists of Vicki Gunvalson and Shannon Beador, of getting in cahoots in an work to stay relevant on the show, just before slamming Coto De Caza and reflecting on the shocking pig video she sent to Vicki.

In her very first video interview with Men and women Reside, Kelly looked back on Tamra’s housewarming celebration, which was observed on the second episode of season 14.

“[Tamra] invited Vicki when she knew damn very good and properly I didn’t want Vicki to be there. She did that to prod at me,” Kelly claimed.

According to Kelly, Tamra wasn’t pals with Vicki at the time of her celebration and really provided to throw Vicki out of the occasion.

“[Tamra] didn’t want Vicki there since she was receiving irritated by Vicki. And then all of the sudden now she’s pals with Vicki? It is just weird. It is like she was out to get me undercover,” Kelly suspected.

As for why Tamra and Vicki all of a sudden reconciled, she claimed they did so in an work to safe their roles on the RHOC.

“They’re receiving older now and so they need to have to kind a bond or a unity since they really feel their jobs are in jeopardy and if they hold this alliance involving the 3 of them, they’re not going to all 3 get fired or demoted,” she explained. “I assume they create this robust alliance to hold their job.”

Kelly went on to take aim at the neighborhood in which Tamra and Vicki reside and stated to her that her residence in Newport Beach is “way extra than their homes out in Coto De Caza.”

“Coto De Caza… they make it sound like it is glamorous, like Beverly Hills. But to be really sincere, it is out in BFE,” she revealed. “There’s no restaurants. It is a gorgeous neighborhood but it is hot. It is in the middle of nowhere. There’s no buying. You are not close to an airport. There’s absolutely nothing to do.”

For the duration of the season 13 reunion, Vicki took aim at Kelly by accusing her of poor parenting and drug use but according to Kelly, she does not do any drugs. In addition, the individual Vicki claimed told her they saw Kelly do cocaine denied getting stated any such factor to Vicki.

“For Vicki to say that… There’s just no basis to it and it truly hurt my daughter. You are going to see that on the show, how my daughter truly gets impacted by Vicki,” Kelly stated in her second interview with Men and women Reside. “Vicki tends to make anything up. Did Vicki see me do it? You can say something, you can hear rumors all you want. Did Vicki see me do it? I’ve observed Vicki consume edibles and I do not care. It is just crazy… She’s just a major fat liar.”

Reflecting on the pig emoji video she sent to Vicki, Kelly stated that she wasn’t necessarily going for a low blow. That stated, she absolutely does not regret sending it.

“If I truly wanted to do the low blow, I could’ve place a poop emoji or the lion since she appears extra like a lion than a pig,” she explained in her third interview. “But I just did a pig since Slade Smiley stated she looked like a major and I know that truly hurt her. And, it is like, I didn’t want to kind it so I just believed it would be funny to place a pig emoji. I nevertheless assume it is funny. I’d do it once again. I imply, what’s incorrect with a pig emoji? The tiny pig is cute!”

The True Housewives of Orange County season 14 airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on Bravo Television.

Photographs Credit: Sara De Boer/startraksphoto.com, Tommy Garcia/Bravo


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