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by Bill Ray  |  August 19, 2019  |  Submit a Comment

The quantity of semiconductors sitting about in the provide chain hasn’t been “normal” due to the fact 2010, and pushed into the “Severe Excess Zone” in each 2012 and 2016. But, inventory levels are now at a peak not observed due to the fact the turn of the century, and the market is going to have to do one thing about it.

Fabless semiconductor vendors are sitting on the majority of this inventory: a lot more than half of it in truth. OEMs account for a further quarter, as they stockpile supplies against trade disruption, and foundries are also piling up chips (a lot more than 10% of the total). Memory is piling up quickest (up by 13% in the final quarter), even though Wireless Communication chips are stacking just about as swiftly (10%). Memory costs are in freefall at the moment, so it tends to make sense to develop up an inventory when its low cost to do so, but the rest of the stockpile is beginning to appear like paranoia.

At Gartner we measure inventory levels to generate an all round inventory metric. As extended as that quantity remains beneath 1.1 we think about it to be “normal”, and above 1.two to be “severe excess”. In 2001 that metric hit 1.74, but due to the fact then it has bounced about the “normal” level, peaking briefly to 1.57 at the start out of 2009 (following the financial crisis of 2008). Appropriate now our metric is at 1.63, and has been climbing steadily due to the fact the middle of final year.

These greater-than-typical inventory levels indicate a slowing demand downstream at the OEM finish. But at the identical time, inventory development downstream is declining, implying that downstream players are cutting production levels and focusing on clearing excess inventory.

Getting semiconductors sitting about performing nothing at all is not fantastic for any person, and vendors are going to have to reduce costs or uncover new markets to clear the shelves and tends to make space for a lot more production. It is going to be at least a further 3 months just before downstream inventory returns to typical levels, so we could see the levels increasing once more just before they fall.

My colleague, Anushree Verma, has published a analysis note hunting at the figures in detail and supplying some advised actions for these they impacted.

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