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When you see that an episode other than a premiere or finale is written by the showrunner, you know it is an crucial episode. And “210 Words Per Minute,” written by Worry the Walking Dead bosses Andrew Chambliss and Ian Goldberg, was the most crucial episode in terms of character improvement for Morgan (Lennie James) and Dwight (Austin Amelio) considering that they crossed more than from The Walking Dead.

Morgan spent the episode holed up in an abandoned purchasing mall — a nod to zombie maestro George Romero’s 1978 classic Dawn of the Dead — with Grace (Karen David). In the mall, they had 3 objectives: assistance a bitten man who reached out to them more than the radio die peacefully, safe supplies for the group, and get the X-ray machine in the mall’s stroll-in clinic functioning so that Grace could verify if she had created cancer from the radiation she was exposed to through the energy plant meltdown. But seriously, becoming alone collectively in the mall waiting for Dwight to come back with the convoy gave the possible lovers a possibility to speak.

Morgan drew a gaggle of walkers away from him and Grace by receiving them to comply with a remote-controlled automobile, which he smiled whilst he piloted. Grace asked him if he utilized to drive RC automobiles with his son, for the reason that she had under no circumstances noticed him smile like that just before and figured that the automobile should have brought back a pleased memory. Morgan wasn’t prepared to speak about it then even even though Grace had been opening up about herself, speaking about how she’d been alone her entire life for the reason that she was afraid to get close to any person and now it was as well late for the reason that she has no future.

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They produced it to the mall’s generator, and just before they turned it on, Morgan opened up. He told Grace that he purchased an RC automobile for his son Duane, and the boy utilized to race it up and down the sidewalk till it was as well dark to see. “He produced me smile,” Morgan mentioned. “He did. I’ve constantly been a kinda significant guy, except with them. That is how I knew it was suitable. Very first date with my wife, Jenny. Identified myself smiling this giant, stupid smile all evening afterward. I never consider I could have wiped it off my face even if I attempted.” This is the most certain point Morgan has ever mentioned about his family members, and it is the most at peace he’s ever sounded with their loss. This season has been about Morgan attempting to make peace with the previous and figure out what he’s living for devoid of his family members, and this was him receiving closer.

Austin Amelio and Lennie James as Morgan Jones, <em>Fear the Walking Dead</em>Austin Amelio and Lennie James as Morgan Jones, Worry the Walking Dead

Prior to they could make it inside the urgent care, they realized that Chuck, the man whose distress contact brought them to the mall, was nonetheless alive and on the roof, so they went up and spent his final evening with him. He wanted to see the stars 1 final time, but it was a cloudy evening, so Grace went and got a toy projector and projected some constellations onto the underside of a metal overhang for him. In the morning, they buried him below some trees. That was the most meaningful assistance we’d ever noticed the Helpsters offer. They showed Chuck that he was not alone, that he was cared for even by folks he’d under no circumstances met just before, and that the globe was not lost. There have been nonetheless great folks out there.

They went back inside, and Grace decided that she did not want to know if cancer was expanding inside her or not. “He did not want to die right here in this mall,” she mentioned. “I never want to, either. So I am just going to think there is a lot more than currently, Morgan. No matter what occurs.” When they powered up the generator, they turned on a merry-go-round, and they rode it collectively.

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Dwight had his personal journey of coming to terms with his previous, as well. He arrived at the mall with Morgan and Grace, but he left to meet up with the rest of the convoy and bring them to the mall. Prior to he left, he advised Morgan to be wary of Morgan’s personal motives with maintaining Logan (Matt Frewer) away from the oil fields. “I’ve currently been on the incorrect side of taking what folks will need, and you know that,” he mentioned, referring to his and Morgan’s shared history with the Saviors. Dwight was a member of that group and took what he wanted from folks who have been weaker than him, and Morgan was on the other finish of that. “You turn off your conscience, your heart. When that occurs, it is tougher to turn ’em back on.”

Dwight was considering about this when he was captured by 1 of Logan’s lackeys. The guy tied Dwight up and planned to torture him till Dwight told him exactly where the oil fields have been. Dwight told him to appear at the burns on his face. Absolutely nothing this guy could do to him would be worse than what he’d currently been by way of. And in reality, Dwight had been traveling with an unloaded gun, for the reason that he was attempting to not be an “asshole” who killed folks casually any longer. The lackey had no qualms with becoming an asshole, even though, and began burning Dwight’s letters from Sherry (Christine Evangelista) in an work to get him to speak. Dwight broke totally free, overpowered his captor, and pointed the now loaded gun at his head. But rather than kill him, like he would have carried out in the previous, Dwight let him go totally free, like Daryl (Norman Reedus) after did for him. “An individual gave me a second possibility, and that is the similar possibility I am providing you,” he mentioned. “When you stroll out of these woods, you are gonna have a selection to make. You can go on becoming an asshole, or you can figure out an individual else to be.” Hopefully that act of magnanimity does not come back to punish Dwight later this season.

Dwight went back to the mall with the rest of the gang and met back up with Morgan and Grace. He permitted Daniel (Ruben Blades) to give him a shave and a haircut, signifying that he was a new man. Daniel also saw Morgan seeking at the merry-go-round and smiling the similar huge smile he had when he was driving the RC automobile and considering about his son. But then, when it was time to leave the mall, rather than go with Grace and permit their feelings for each and every other to create additional, Morgan decided to go alone to meet up with Al (Maggie Grace). He reverted to his old fearful self who cannot get close to any person for the reason that he worries that everybody he gets close to dies. And there is certainly a extremely great possibility that Grace will nonetheless die. Grace could lastly be considering of the future, but Morgan is nonetheless seeking at the previous. When he loses folks, he loses himself. He’s nonetheless afraid he could go back to how he was.

The tearful final scene amongst Morgan and Grace was properly played. Lennie James is 1 of the greatest actors on either show in the franchise, and when he’s offered great material, he nails it. He’s just not constantly offered great material. But this was a great episode, the greatest considering that Episode five. And it had a signature Worry the Walking Dead two. weird point, with Grace considering jelly beans are known as “candy beansies,” a phrase that will get stuck in your head and you will certainly consider of subsequent time you consume a Jelly Belly.

Worry the Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9/8c on AMC. It really is accessible to stream on Hulu.


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