Santiago climbed additional into bed with the devil on Grand Hotel Season 1 Episode 10. 

Santiago has underestimated Teresa up till this point in time. If there is 1 factor you really should in no way do, it is underestimate a effective lady. 

Now that Teresa desires to make herself a fixture at the Riviera Grand, items are about to go from terrible to worse. How have been the impacts currently becoming felt all through Grand Hotel? Study on in our evaluation to uncover out. 

Men on a Mission - Grand Hotel Season 1 Episode 10

Seeking at Santiago and Felix, it is difficult not to draw comparisons involving the two. 

Each have completed terrible items for income, and each have impeccable taste in ladies. On the other hand, that is exactly where their similarities finish.

Santiago, although he has created several blunders to retain the hotel afloat, he has not completed so with intentions of hurting other people. 

Felix deliberately stole income from innocent folks, and rather of sticking about to face the consequences of his crimes, he ran away leaving his loved ones to clean up the mess.

Guys like Felix are the variety of males that make you want to chuck items at the Television. As viewers, it is straightforward to see their manipulative nature, but we are forced to watch them weasel their way into the lives of characters that we appreciate. 

Why so Serious? - Grand Hotel Season 1 Episode 10

Gigi just weeks ago was Felix’s greatest critic, but all of a sudden almost everything has changed? 

Gigi: I did not lie to you about Felix. I just did not inform you he was right here.
Santiago: Oh, do not play games. You kept this from me.
Gigi: You happen to be lecturing me about maintaining secrets. That is fairly ballsy, even for you.
Santiago: He’s in that space Gigi, how could you let him keep there?
Gigi: I did not. The girls place him there. Yolanda had the crucial somehow.
Santiago: I am gonna get in touch with the police.
Gigi: Like you did ten years ago? Yeah, Felix told me you happen to be the 1 that turned him in.
Santiago: He stole millions not just from me from several other people. Why does it matter who blew the whistle?
Gigi: Mainly because you ripped my loved ones apart. I had no warning Santiago. I had no one to enable me or the girls.
Santiago: I helped you.
Gigi: Yeah, you lit the fire, and then you swooped in and place it out. What a hero you are.

Understandably, she would be hurt that Santiago betrayed them by turning Felix in, but that does not cancel out what Felix did. 

Felix is the 1 who hurt her loved ones by becoming a criminal. In several methods, Santiago saved her from that. 

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Her blinders are on now, although, and no matter how incorrect Felix was, to her, Santiago is the actual villain in their story.

A Plan Gone Wrong? - Grand Hotel Season 1 Episode 10

Santiago really should have come clean about the actual purpose he hurt Felix in the hotel space. Gigi was so focused on Santiago’s threats of turning Felix more than to Teresa that she could not see something other than that. 

It is 1 factor to attempt to win your wife back it is an additional to accuse Santiago of murdering his.

As straightforward as it might look to consider that Santiago could be guilty of murdering Beatriz, there is definitely extra to the story.

With what we have noticed of Beatriz so far, it does not look absolutely out of the realm of possibility that she committed suicide. It is completely doable that Santiago lied about how she died to shield the young children or even to make sure he received income from a life insurance coverage policy.

If this is, in reality, the case, it is no wonder that Santiago would be triggered by the accusation. 

No More Mrs. Nice Guy - Grand Hotel Season 1 Episode 10

Regrettably, Felix is going to have to show his correct colors in a grand spectacle for Gigi to see it. Hopefully, she manages to come out without the need of any additional harm becoming completed to her by him. 

With Teresa searching to make herself a staple at the hotel now, and the world’s worst spies now hot on her trail, I cannot enable but be worried for Danny and Jason. 

Danny will quit at nothing at all to figure out what occurred to Sky, even if that suggests placing himself in danger, or ruining items with Alicia in the procedure.

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Danny might have the backing of a member of the police force, but that does not imply that she can retain him secure if he get’s caught by Teresa.

Somebody's in Trouble - Grand Hotel Season 1 Episode 10

Teresa  seemed to take a liking to Jason and you have to wonder if  she is searching to bring him on to her group. If she is searching to develop into extra engrained in the hotel then she is going to want extra folks on the ground than just Mateo.

Who improved than the son of Santiago’s correct hand lady? 

The extra regarding element is, Jason may well let her recruit him to enable Danny. Jason is loyal to a fault but at what point is adequate adequate? 

Danny is going to want his enable even extra now, although, right after Alicia fired him. 

Even although in the actual planet Alicia firing Danny would in no way fly provided their history, it was nevertheless a satisfying moment to watch. 

Of course, Danny feels that he is undertaking what is correct for his loved ones, but Alicia has been employed in this entire procedure. 

Daddy's Girl  - Grand Hotel Season 1 Episode 10

Even though Danny might have ended up falling for her, that does not negate the reality that he went in with ill intentions and has lied to her just about every day. 

Discovering out about Heather was terrible adequate, but getting out that he has been secretly investigating her loved ones and is accusing her father of becoming involved with organized crime? That is a entire different story. 

It is only a matter of time just before Alicia does her personal digging and realizes that Danny’s claims are not absolutely unfounded, but group Dalicia is going to have to endure till then. 

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Danny and Alicia weren’t the only partnership feeling the strain on Grand Hotel Season 1 Episode 10. 

Surprise!  - Grand Hotel Season 1 Episode 10

Marissa and Yoli have been a highlight of the show so far, so watching them struggle due to the fact of Felix was difficult to watch, only adding to my disdain for him. 

The reveal that Marissa is an undocumented immigrant felt clear by the time it was revealed but that did not take away from the influence the scene had.


Marissa: Please do not inform any one. No 1 knows outdoors of my loved ones.
Yoli: Properly, I guess that tends to make me your loved ones now.

It is difficult even to envision how a person in Marissa’s footwear could really feel in this existing political climate. Her admitting her status to Yoli shows just how a lot trust she has in her, and how a lot faith she has in their partnership. 

Radiating Beauty - Grand Hotel Season 1 Episode 10

Other thoughts:

-Jason having beneath a person new to get more than Ingrid is bring about for celebration. It is about time that he gets far away from her toxicity. 

-Right here is to hoping that the Ingrid and Javi storyline has officially been place to bed right after Javi created peace with her. Javi deserves a person very good in his life, and Ingrid is far from that.

-Who else is prepared for a showdown involving Mrs. P and Teresa right after their short scene with each other this week? Katey Sagal and Wendy Robinson killed that scene. You could reduce the tension with a dull butter knife. 

-Immediately after extremely tiny Brian Craig in Grand Hotel Season 1 Episode 9 and only becoming utilized as comic relief in this episode, I hope we can get back to meatier storylines for Javi in the coming episodes. 

What have been your thoughts on this episode of Grand Hotel? Do you consider that Santiago killed Beatriz? How do you like the addition of Teresa as the villain? Comment your thoughts under and do not overlook to watch Grand Hotel online at Television Fanatic! 

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