With just 5 teams left, The Remarkable Race Canada headed to La Belle Province for its most up-to-date Leg. Would language play a main issue with the teams? At 1st blush, it seemed Dave would have the upper hand, him getting from Quebec and all.

Trains carried the remaining teams to the Charlevoix area, a spot exactly where English-speaking people are uncommon. Dave was predicting a different winning Leg for he and Irina. An more than 1,000 km ride ended in La Malbaie, with a quit for poutine at Chez Chantal … and their subsequent clue. Sam and Sarah have been the 1st to arrive and got peeling 25 potatoes to be made use of in the gooey, cheesy delicacy.

In the Road Block, teams have been instructed to hit the road for Le Manoir Richelieu, web page of the 2018 G7 summit. When there, 1 group member memorized a statement offered at the conference and then answered 3 concerns about it from the media. The statements have been delivered in English and French and concerns have been in Japanese, German and Italian. Rather of Dave taking on the test, Irina did it. Of course, that was due to the fact they didn’t know what the challenge would essentially be. And, as it turned out, Irina knew French also. Anthony and James have been the 1st to arrive … Aarthy and Thinesh have been final.

A woman stands at a podium, speaking.Though Sarah scarfed down poutine, Sam worked on the speech, confident he could do it. At the other finish of the scale have been James and Irina the latter due to the fact she is afraid of public speaking. James began off sturdy and confident, till the French component. With shattered nerves stacking up and just about 15 minutes of broadcast already carried out, it looked like this was going to be a extended and agonizing challenge. Thinesh wowed not just for the way he looked in a suit but also for his bilingual delivery. Even Dave was impressed. With a “Vote Thinesh for Prime Minister!” he completed the activity and departed with Aarthy in 1st location. Joanne performed an upset, vaulting she and Lauren into second location. And, right after a extended time, Sam ultimately got it. Say what you want about Dave and Irina, but seeing him tear up as she tackled her greatest worry was fairly frigging adorable. And, right after nine tries, James and Anthony moved on.

This week’s Detour was blind, which means teams didn’t know what they had to do. Aarthy and Thinesh picked “That,” as did Sarah and Sam and Dave and Irina. “That” turned out to be a game involving an orange piece of wood getting hit by a broom deal with to score points. Thinesh quickly began to accumulate points even though Aarthy swung at the air. They have been carried out the challenge ahead of any other teams had arrived. As the fog rolled in, so did dark thoughts. Dave and Irina got lost and she began to shed it on him. Sarah and Sam, meanwhile, asked for directions.

Dave was swinging for the fences but wasn’t connecting with the piece of wood. The outcome? He got mighty angry. Irina stepped up, calmly, and hit it. Dave picked up on her routine and they have been off to the races.

A group of people sit in chairs.Lauren and Joanne chose “This,” which involved painting emu eggs to appear like two samples and then delivering them to 1 of the two shops featured on the eggs. “This” was a time-consuming and fiddly Detour and Anthony and James opted to do it also, placing their probabilities of continuing on the Race in jeopardy. Joanne and Lauren had left for the shops ahead of the married couple arrived.

Subsequent, teams drove to the Musée Maritime de Charlevoix for the Pit Cease. A drive to the incorrect musée delayed Aarthy and Thinesh for a bit, but they nevertheless completed the Leg 1st, scoring a trip for two to Santiago, Chile. Lauren and Joanne placed second. Dave and Irina landed in third location, and they weren’t pleased about it.

The final sprint to the mat was closer than anybody imagined, as Anthony and James have been in a footrace with Sarah and Sam for the final spot. That went to the athletes, and it looked like Anthony and James had been eliminated.

But in a twist that the producers kept from viewers via the magic of editing, the Leg wasn’t carried out. Clues have been handed out and absolutely everyone kept racing, with the Royal Ontario Museum in their sights.

Here’s how the teams completed this Leg of the Race:

  1. Aarthy and Thinesh
  2. Lauren and Joanne
  3. Irina and Dave
  4. Sarah and Sam
  5. Anthony and James

The Remarkable Race Canada airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on CTV.

Pictures courtesy of Bell Media.