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In the final episode we saw that Saraswati tells Guddan sorry for not supporting her and hugs her. Guddan refuses to forgive Saraswati but does not realise that she stuck a note on Guddan’s back revealing that AJ and Tanwesh are the identical particular person. Antara sees Guddan passing by and reads the note. Akshat finds the note and tells Guddan about it. Akshat and Guddan pretends that Tanwesh place the note on everyone’s back as a prank. Antara decides to contact Akshat and Tanwesh in a area with each other to obtain out the truth.Tonight’s episode starts with Guddan telling Akshat that she has instructed Durga and Lakshmi. Also Angad will be there for Akshat’s support as they intend to make Antara think that Akshat and Tanvesh are two diverse personalities. Guddan gets incredibly tensed. Akshat asks her about her assistance in the strategy. Guddan clears that she is with him only till Antara gets defeated. Akshat begins reacting as as Akshat and Tanvesh in order to pretend that Akshat is upset with Tanvesh for signing deal with Antara. Antara gets to hear the voice. She learns that Akshat will have to have learnt about the deal. She decides to clear her confusion as she will see Akshat and Tanvesh with each other. Meanwhile, Akshat continues the drama. Although undertaking the identical, he adjustments the garments to get into Tanvesh’s attire.

Just after a although, Akshat (Nishant Malkani) comes downstairs as Tanvesh in order to pretend that he is upset with Akshat. Antara tries to make him calm down. Akshat aka Tanvesh does some emotional drama and leaves from there. Akshat knows that Antara will surely go in his area to speak to Akshat. Lakshmi, Durga and Angad support him go upstairs with the support of a ladder. He straight away begins altering garments to grow to be Akshat once again. Although he is getting the rings of Tanvesh in his hand, Antara enters the area. Guddan gets tensed but Akshat holds the rings and pretends of becoming angry with Tanvesh. Akshat tells Antara that the deal need to be cancelled but Antara convinces him that the deal will be excellent for the company. So Akshat pretends that he is ok with the deal. Antara gets convinced that Akshat and Tanvesh are two diverse personalities. Just after some time, Akshat shows his wound on the hand which begins bleeding due to holding the rings. He asks Guddan to apply some medicine to it. Akshat begins flirting with Guddan in order to pacify Guddan. Guddan nonetheless keeps on telling him that she does not really like him.

Guddan tells him that she can inform him 1000 occasions that she does not really like him. Akshat goes close to her which tends to make Guddan really feel a thing. So she abruptly gets angry and tells him that she does not really like him and does not require to inform him so a lot of occasions. Just after she leaves, Akshat recollects the jealously that he had noticed on Guddan’s face when Antara had hugged him. So he is confident that Guddan loves him a lot. Just after some time, everybody gathers in the hall for welcoming Lord Krishna as Akshat brings the statue of Lord Krishna on the occasion of Janmashtami. Antara sees Guddan about to execute the veneration of welcoming Lord Krishna. She stops Guddan and inquiries her for obtaining involved in the veneration as she does not have any relation with Jindals now. Guddan agrees to give the Aarti plate to Antara to execute the ritual. But Dadi pretends of becoming upset with Guddan but asks Antara to permit the identical as she was a element of their household earlier. So each Antara and Guddan welcome Lord Krishna along with the whole household. Dadi prays for happiness and blessings for her household.

Antara shares that she will be signing the deal papers with Tanvesh on Janmashtami and also she is going to marry Akshat the incredibly subsequent day which will bring happiness in the property. Antara is content as she defeated Guddan and will be signing the deal with Tanvesh. On the other hand, Guddan is content as Lord Krishna helped her to defeat Antara and bring happiness in the property. On the other hand, Saru tries to break the mirror in order to get in touch with Antara. Although she is undertaking so, Guddan enters inside. Guddan tells Saru that the mirror glass is unbreakable. Saru gets furious with Guddan saying that Antara gave her dollars and status that she generally wanted but the household didn’t give it to her. Guddan tells Saru that she need to have supported her household which would have stood by her in such time. Guddan also offers a statue of Lord Krishna and asks Saru to pray for what ever she desires to see whether or not Lord Krishna supports Saru or Guddan. Guddan also clears that she can do something for the nicely becoming of her household. Will Saru modify her thoughts and be on Guddan’s side? Remain hooked for a lot more updates.




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  • Published: August 23, 2019 eight:30 PM IST
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