U.S. eyes opening a consulate in Greenland – National


The Trump administration is arranging to open a U.S. consulate in Greenland for the very first time in decades amid elevated strategic and financial interest in the Danish territory.

The State Division says in a letter to Congress that re-establishing a consulate in Nuuk is element of a broader program to raise the U.S. presence in the arctic.

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A copy of the letter was obtained Friday by The Related Press.

The U.S. has a “strategic interest in enhancing political, financial, and industrial relationships across the Arctic area,” mentioned the letter to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

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President Donald Trump sparked a diplomatic dispute with U.S.-ally Denmark this week right after he proposed that the U.S. get Greenland and the Danish government rejected the concept.

Danish prime minister Mette Frederiksen named it an “absurd discussion.” Trump fired back that her comments had been “nasty” and he cancelled a planned trip to Denmark.

A permanent diplomatic presence would permit the U.S. to “protect important equities in Greenland although establishing deeper relationships with Greenlandic officials and society,” the letter mentioned.

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It mentioned the consulate would be “a important element of our efforts to raise U.S. presence in the Arctic and would serve as an powerful platform to advance U.S. interests in Greenland.”

Congress would probably have been open to the concept, but right after Trump’s actions the proposal will probably achieve higher scrutiny.

The U.S. opened a consulate in Greenland in 1940 right after the Nazi occupation of Denmark. It closed in 1953. The new 1 would open subsequent year in the capital of the semi-autonomous territory.

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The State Division mentioned it has currently assigned a Greenlandic affairs officer functioning out of the U.S. Embassy in Copenhagen. It now plans to employ locally-employed employees in Greenland by fall, or quickly thereafter. In the end, it expects a employees of seven at the consulate in 2020.

Professionals say establishing a higher U.S. presence in Greenland is not unwarranted, regardless of the awkward roll out of Trump’s concept to get the semi-autonomous Danish territory.

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It is situated in a geographically vital area and holds a possible treasure trove of all-natural gas and uncommon earth minerals. The U.S. Russia, China and other folks are displaying their interests.

In April, Russian President Vladimir Putin place forward a system to reaffirm his country’s presence in the Arctic, which includes efforts to develop ports and other infrastructure and expand its icebreaker fleet. Russia desires to stake its claim in the area that is believed to hold up to 1-fourth of the Earth’s undiscovered oil and gas.

China sees Greenland as a doable supply of uncommon earth minerals and other sources as effectively as a place for a port to ship by way of the Arctic to the eastern U.S.

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