Blunders take place. When is an accident, twice is a coincidence, and the sixth time is complete-blown misinterpretation. 

The 100 Season six wrapped up with lots of inquiries, and even some surprises like the concept that Bellamy Blake’s arc for the season was misunderstood by just about every person that watched it.

The 100 Season six Episode 13 Overview: The Blood of Sanctum

On the surface, it was a journey for Bellamy, a return back to a heart-driven version of himself who discovers that his companion was physique-snatched and does something he can to save her.

When he tends to make confident she is okay, each of them have to jump back into their leadership positions to save the persons that had been left behind and intangled in several troubles themselves. 

Except not genuinely. For the reason that even though Bellamy was the 1st 1 to recognize Clarke was gone, then the 1st to figure out she was nevertheless alive, and all about the 1 particular person actually accountable for saving her, this entire time he was just focused on the larger image.

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This came as a surprise to several, like an actor who place six years into a narrative that he apparently was incorrect about along with all the other fans. The vibrant side is that we can all misinterpret together in shirt type now. 

Which is why this slideshow was produced, as a complete list of all the Season six moments that we all misinterpreted the 1st time about and may need to have to watch The 100 online  once more to reevaluate. 

That Nicely Directed (Mis)interpretation

That Well Directed (Mis)interpretation

Let’s get 1 factor straight, Bob Morley has been a victim proper alongside us when it comes to misinterpretation on The 100. It takes place, distinct plot lines and dialogue and the way scenes are directed can be difficult. They could all simultaneously say 1 factor but at the very same time imply a thing that by no means existed. Which is why Bob chose to direct his episode the way that he did, and why he was so shocked to locate out that all of us had been on the very same boat of confusion. But he delivered some of the finest shots in between Bellamy and Clarke so at least we are in denial with some higher-top quality content material to misdirect us.

That Life Saving Misinterpretation

That Life Saving Misinterpretation

Absolutely nothing about this was platonic, even though at the very same time none of this is worthy of any interpretation. Clarke necessary an individual to save her and Bellamy was there following spending most of the season focused on how substantially she indicates to him. There is practically nothing to see right here and Bellamy and Clarke touching each and every other the way that they do is only a misdirection. All along it was about how Bellamy can save everyone who is not in that space with him.

That Misinterpretation of all Misinterpretations

That Misinterpretation of all Misinterpretations

Bellamy removing himself from every person to cry by himself more than Clarke is practically nothing at all. The show chose to highlight this for the reason that Bob Morley is a skilled actor and at times you need to have to locate an excuse to let him show that off.

That Clarke Seeking at Bellamy Misinterpretation

That Clarke Looking at Bellamy Misinterpretation

There is all this speak of Bellamy hunting at Clarke, even though at the very same time undercutting the appears that Clarke provides to him. A lot of it began throughout The 100 Season five, with Clarke receiving the time to genuinely plug into her feelings. That translated into the way she viewed Bellamy and the feelings behind that, only to arguably develop stronger after he saved her from her thoughts space death. Clarke seemingly can not appear at Bellamy now in a way that does not scream how substantially she cares for him and how crucial he is to her. Or so 1 would feel, when in truth Clarke’s face just got confused and this wasn’t something at all.

That Loud Misinterpretation

That Loud Misinterpretation

When bringing Clarke back to life with his unbelievable CPR abilities, Bellamy really stated out loud that he wants her. In a best summary of anything Bellamy was focused on that season, he staked his claim on the particular person who indicates so substantially to him. And however the interpretation is all off for the reason that even the dialogue is not hunting to validate the clear.

That Confusing Misinterpretation

That Confusing Misinterpretation

So when Bellamy took Josephine away from Sanctum so he could locate a way to save Clarke, it was not him really undertaking any of that. Alternatively, Bellamy chose to leave his persons to fend for themselves even though he went to save Clarke for the reason that he was confused. He believed Clarke was a metaphor for all his persons and by saving her he saved every person else. Was he incorrect although? In a way, Clarke was his particular person and there is practically nothing incorrect with that.

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