Jenelle Evans: David is Obtaining Tons of Alone Time with Kaiser! It really is Fine!


Jenelle Evans has generally had a habit of getting a small delusional.

Or, OK, a lot delusional.

Her history with this has been nicely-documented, thanks to Teen Mom two and generally every thing she’s ever mentioned anyplace, but this most current piece of proof is definitely just extraordinary.

However, Kaiser is the a single suffering right here for her refusal to hold in touch with reality …

Hmm …

Hmm ...

It really is tough to know exactly where to get started with this doozy of a story, close friends — we could do a fast recap of all the strategies that David has verified he does not will need to be about people today, specially youngsters, or we could concentrate on the causes he does not will need to be about Kaiser in distinct.



We could also kick issues off with a common “hey, how about Jenelle and her dedication to getting the worst?” rant.

Concerns, Concerns

Questions, Questions

It really is hard, but let’s just get started with this — Kaiser is a valuable infant angel who does not deserve any of this.



Kaiser is only 5 years old now, but he’s generally seemed like such a sweet small kid, suitable? He’s so cute, he’s generally been fantastic with Ensley and all the animals and definitely just every thing.

Also Terrible

Too Bad

However for him, his mother is Jenelle, and she’s permitted lots and lots of undesirable issues to come about to him and about him.



She’s by no means been like Mother of the Year or something, but issues took a dark turn when she beginning dating David.


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