Q&A With Bay Area’s Increasing Hip Hop Emcee Watzreal


Bro!!!! I would personally like to thank you for rocking with our Weblog and most importantly pushing dope actual Hip Hop! The Bay-Region is personally extremely influential for me (me getting an LA kid), getting a enormous fan of Dre Dog/Andre & Equipto and other folks reduce from that cloth! That getting mentioned, listening to you undoubtedly brings me back to these fantastic years back in the day! Let me ask you how lengthy have you been a Hip Hop artist? What distinct location are you from? Alos, how did you get you emcee name?

It is been a pleasure rocking with y’all. I’ve usually felt UGHHBlog had been such a strong weblog and 1 of the couple of that is nevertheless accessible to the underground neighborhood that is nevertheless actually underground.

I’ve only been rapping for about 13 years total but I’ve only actually taken my profession seriously for about four-five years. Increasing up in Berkeley, I went to Berkeley Higher and occurred to go to college with G-Eazy. Seeing how difficult he worked and seeing make it created me really feel it was doable. I know he gets a lot of hate from the heads in the hip hop neighborhood but I likely wouldn’t be rapping right now if it wasn’t for him.

Concerning my name, I chose the name Watzreal to be accountable to myself simply because I knew it’d be tempting to fabricate my story in order to make my music much more, “mainstream.” Watzreal is a guarantee to myself and to my fans that’ll usually be actual to who I definitely am and be as genuine as doable.

Its funny how when I initially heard you, I instantaneously knew you had been from the Bay!” Bay Region Hip Hop has usually gave off a particular style and sound of Hip Hop! Aid me figure that out!? Is this a thing you can relate also? How has your location influenced your sound, or perhaps us actual Hip Hop heads are just trippin…LOL

Lol you hip hop heads ain’t tripping. I assume there’s a particular smoothness in our flow that comes from the truth that men and women are a lot much more laid back in the Bay Region compared to men and women in locations like LA and New York. There’s also not as several, “big artists, from the Bay Region so I really feel like a lot us develop up listening to a lot of the similar nearby music from artists like E-40, Also $hort, Mac Dre, Mistah Fab, Zion I, Hiero which influenced our types.

We notice your style is super original and extremely inventive. Let us know how your style if unique than all the rap artists out there!

In terms of my style it can be difficult for me to pinpoint simply because I attempt to usually challenge myself to attempt a thing unique. I’d say what’s constant is focusing on lyrical content material and speaking from a spot of emotional honesty whilst producing good music. My music is my therapy. I’m usually in my personal thoughts and have a difficult time telling men and women about when struggling or feeling depressed unless it is by means of music. My musics the only point that keeps from imploding on myself. I do not what I’d do with out it.

Bro, you new album is absolute FIRE in my book!!! Please breakdown the inventive procedure behind “Itz All Love”…

All the internal dialogue is what lead to my most recent release, “Itz All Enjoy.” I had a partnership finish unfavorably and this album permitted me to procedure my feelings and what I went by means of from begging to finish. But I didn’t want to make a conventional really like album or breakup album exactly where I was just complaining about her and producing her appear like the villain in the partnership. I wanted to show i understood her viewpoint and struggles whilst acknowledging my personal . And whilst issues didn’t function out, I wanted to know there’s no difficult feeling and that, “Itz All Enjoy.”

How does social media playing a part in your accomplishment? How are fans/supporters assisting your movement?

Social media’s been enormous for me! I set up a lot of my tours by means of Facebook by just asking if somebody could assistance me with a show in unique locations. Given that I currently had a great quantity of traction, and at the time was capable to trade off shows for men and women, I was capable to place issues with each other extremely rapid. It is also been extremely valuable to remain in touch with my fans.

With this getting an underground hip hop web-site, we usually ask this essential query. What is your definition of “underground hip hop”?

I really feel like underground hip hop is actually independent hip hop. Independent from labels, guidelines, and restrictions that frequently waters down the final solution when you listen to a thing mainstream. Underground hip hop is frequently pure and sincere. Individuals confuse preferred music for great music, but to me, the very best music is pretty much usually underground!

Exactly where can men and women come across you on the Web? Drop all the very important hyperlinks.

You can come across me on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/user/watzreal

IG & Twitter @WatzrealTheHapa

Facebook https://m.facebook.com/watzrealofficial

And come across merchandise Watzreal.BigCartel.com

Lastly, and shout out?

Shout out to my Grandma and the rest of my family members. Shout to the homies at BRL (Beats Rhymes And Life), ROTC (Return Of The Cypher), HH4C (Hip Hop For Adjust), the homie Unlearn The Planet who recorded the final two albums and mentored me by means of the procedure , the homie Zeke for mixing and mastering all the things down to sound qualified and for creating 1/three of the album and all the fans that’d had my back. I wouldn’t be anyplace with out the fans. And lastly shout to to the Bay Region. I wouldn’t be me with out the Bay.

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