THE BACHELOR - Colton Underwood burst onto the scene during season 14 of

Bachelor Nation could speculate all day about who really should be the subsequent major man on The Bachelor — and, trust us, we have. Even so, till Chris Harrison tends to make the announcement, it really is all just speak. If any person had been to guess who the subsequent Bachelor really should be, a former Bachelor is possibly the ideal particular person to ask. Right after all, they know what it requires to get the job, proper? We sat down with Colton Underwood, who partnered with the veggie burger brand MorningStar Farms to shed his “veginity,” to see who he believed really should be handed the reins subsequent.

“I am a couple of episodes behind in Bachelor in Paradise, and you can under no circumstances seriously count anyone who’s on that show out, of course, due to the fact I did that and I feel Nick [Viall] did that as properly,” Colton stated. “I feel Peter [Weber] has a lot of superior factors that make him a superior Bachelor. There is some other superior candidates, also, do not get me incorrect, but I would either be voting Peter and then I’ve observed lately a robust push for Derek [Peth].”

Colton stated Derek would be an intriguing selection, and it could in fact come about due to the fact he’s a tiny older. Just a reminder that Colton is virtually the youngest major man the franchise has ever had and a massive speaking point in current seasons is that contestants are “also young.” So Derek, who is in his 30s, could bring the show to casting a slightly older group.

I could not enable but to bring up that I am major a individual Mike-Johnson-for-the-Subsequent-Bachelor campaign, but considering the fact that Colton hasn’t met him, it sounds like he’s betting on Peter, despite the fact that Derek could sneak in there.

Peter is undoubtedly properly-liked by Bachelor Nation. He’s a pilot who comes from an aviation loved ones, like a cute younger brother who’s also a pilot. Plus, his parents are cool with him openly speaking about how he got it on in a windmill 4 occasions in 1 evening, so the lady he proposes to would get a entertaining second loved ones in addition to a smoking-hot individual pilot. You may well be on to one thing right here, Colton.

Now all we’re questioning is, will Colton give Peter a fence-jumping lesson? You know, just in case . . .