A new study examines the use of drugs at EDM-connected events and the adverse effects of such in order to greater inform prevention and harm reduction.

The investigation, published in the International Journal of Drug Policy, gathered information from 1,029 adults, all of whom attended EDM events in New York City in 2018.

Participants who had utilised drugs inside the previous year had been asked if they seasoned any dangerous or pretty unpleasant effects soon after use, for the duration of which they had been concerned about their quick security. They had been also questioned on the co-use of other drugs and whether or not they sought enable.

An estimated third (33.five%) of EDM celebration goers had seasoned an adverse impact from drugs inside the year. Two thirds (67.eight%) of adverse effects involved alcohol consumption. These adverse effects most frequently came from the use of prescription opioids (41.two%) or alcohol (33.9%).

Mixing drugs was frequent amongst these who recalled possessing adverse effects. Specifically amongst customers of LSD (56.five%), ketamine (56.three%), cocaine (55.7%), and ecstasy/MDMA/Molly (47.7%).

Adverse effects from synthetic cathinone aka “bath salts” had been most probably to outcome in a trip to the hospital (57.1%).

The researchers on this subject think additional investigation is necessary to totally realize adverse effects of frequent drugs taken at EDM events. Popular sense dictates moderation and education realizing what you are taking prior to undertaking so is the easiest way to make certain you do not finish up in the hospital at the finish of the evening. Take a look at DanceSafe to study far more about harm reduction and also obtain a testing kit for your personal security.


Supply: International Journal of Drug Policy, Vol. 73