Jennifer Aniston billionaire

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Jennifer Aniston is not dating a mysterious multi-billionaire she met via a higher-finish dating agency, in spite of a false report. Gossip Cop can debunk the story. We’ve discovered it is totally untrue.

The premise is coming from NW, which quotes a supposed supply as saying, “Jennifer has been on some dates with this guy, whose identity is a sworn secret for now. It is early days, but she’s smitten and is telling buddies there’s possible for some thing extended-term.” The outlet contends that each the actress and the mysterious suitor utilised the similar dating agency, which earned $750,000 for setting the two up on their very first date.

The kicker in this story is the reality that NW claims to have an exclusive interview with the unknown billionaire. The magazine will not recognize the man, but quotes him as saying, “I’ll alter her life in the most optimistic way forever. I may possibly not have Brad Pitt’s appears, but I know how to treat a lady effectively. And the word cheating is not in my dictionary.”

According to the tabloid, the unidentified billionaire is promising to do what ever it requires to earn the actress’ hand, which includes even going as far as forking more than “half of my fortune if she agrees to be with me forever.” Aniston’s seemingly imaginary boyfriend adds, “And the reality she does yoga is a substantial plus. I do it six instances a week. I want to convince her to slow down on her profession and travel the planet with me.”

The alleged mystery man adds, “I want to make all her dreams come correct. I’d have 10 youngsters, if that is what she desires. I want to make her neglect [Pitt] and heal effectively. And I want her to meet a genuine man, a man who will treat her like a queen and be a correct life companion.”

Gossip Cop checked in with Aniston’s spokesperson, who tells us on the record that the story is a “complete fabrication.” We need to also note that $750,000 dating agencies for the wealthy and popular do not appear to exist. Also, we sincerely hope this is just the function of a pretty bored NW writer for the reason that it reads like some thing from a stalker, not a suave billionaire.

The story is not even is constant. It begins with Aniston apparently feeling like it’ll be a extended-term partnership prior to jumping to the “billionaire” ranting about how he desires to prove himself to her. Wouldn’t he currently be in the procedure of undertaking that? Wouldn’t delivering this bizarre monologue with out Aniston’s expertise blow his possibilities of winning her more than?

This adore letter of sorts reads like some thing from a crazed Stephen King antagonist, not a person shrewd and clever adequate to make billions of dollars. The tabloid even points to Tesla and SpaceX head Elon Musk and Twitter founder Jack Dorsey as probable IDs for the suitor. Neither 1 of these guys has ever stated something remotely related, in style or substance, to what this short article consists of.

When the creativity is there, the merest hint of reality is not. Apart from, the tabloid does not even bother to address how Aniston could’ve been dating the billionaire if, as they claimed back in June, she was fighting Lady Gaga more than Bradley Cooper. Of course, it never ever answered the query of what occurred to Pitt’s “love child” that “devastated” Aniston final year, either. Gossip Cop will retain busting these stories, no matter how bizarre.