The verb ‘poner’ indicates ‘to put’ but as usual can have a handful of unique meanings based on how you use it.

Poner fecha indicates to set a date:


  • Tenemos que poner fecha para quedar y tomarnos algo.

           We have to set a date to meet and have a drink.


Poner en evidencia indicates to show up :

  • Cada vez que gritas en público me pones en evidencia.

         Every time you scream in public you show me up.


Poner el listón alto indicates to set the bar higher:

  • Ha ganado todos los partidos y ha puesto el listón muy alto para el resto de equipos.

       He has won all the matches and has set the bar pretty higher for the rest of the teams.


Poner en remojo indicates to soak:

  • Pon las verduras en remojo durante media hora.

          Soak the vegetables for half an hour.

Poner dificultades indicates to raise issues:

  • Me pones muchas dificultades y no me das ninguna solución.


          You give me lots of challenges but no options.


Poner como un trapo is a colloquial sentence thatmeans to place somebody down:

  • Tus amigas te critican y te ponen como un trapo a tus espaldas.

         Your good friends are criticizing you behind your back they are placing you down.


Poner a caldo indicates to rip somebody  to pieces:

  • En su libro pone a caldo a todos los políticos.

        In his book he rips all politicians to pieces.


Poner al tanto indicates to inform:

  • Llevo fuera del trabajo dos semanas, me tienes que poner al tanto de las novedades.

      I’ve been away from operate two weeks you have to have to inform me about the news.




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