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A woman became trapped between the platform doors and a train after she made a desperate bid to board a subway in Singapore.

CCTV inside the Little India station captured the heart-stopping moment the commuter become trapped between an MRT train and the platform doors on Monday afternoon.

She appeared to have been chasing after another woman who dashed onto the train before the doors closed.

As the platform doors shut, she forced them open and walked through before attempting to open the closed train doors.

The woman rushed to the platform doors and tried to open it with bare hands


Singapore train operator SBS Transit said a member of staff activated an emergency device which enabled the train doors to reopen fully, thus allowing the passenger to enter the train, reported The Strait Times .

A station manager rushed to the scene and reopened the doors to ensure the passenger’s safety.

The train eventually left the platform after the incident, which lasted about 20 seconds, said SBS Transit.

It is not known if the woman suffered any injuries in the incident.

She opened the platform doors as shocked commuters watched on

She became trapped between the train and the platform doors while she attempted to open the closed train doors


The public transport operator said the commuter’s behaviour is ‘extremely dangerous’ and could result in serious injury, service disruptions and damage to public property.

The footage was posted on a Facebook page called ‘All Singapore Stuff’, where web users slammed the woman’s behaviour.

Many branded her action reckless and inconsiderate as one said ‘she is causing herself hurt and putting all the staffs of our SMRT in trouble [sic]’.

But a forum post on Hardware Zone explained that the woman was chasing after her sister who suffers from autism.

A member of staff rushed to the scene and activated an emergency device to open the doors

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‘Phong’ wrote: “I know this auntie. While everyone here is blasting her, I thought i will provide some context for her actions.

“The lady who scurried into the train first? Her younger sister, who is autistic. Who has a history of wandering off and forgetting her way home

“Hopefully you will begin to understand her motivations for trying so hard to board the train after her.”


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