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Jump Method, an epic bass music project consisting of two individually prosperous artists, is back with “Bad Habits”, a single of their ideal releases but.

What will Earth and the state of humanity appear like in the year 2112? If current planet news is any indication, the future is pretty bleak. Even so, if we have music from the likes of Jump System to appear forward to, I assume it is secure to say that we’re in excellent hands. Their most recent track, “Poor Habits“, is right here to save the day.

Jump System is a futuristic heavy bass duo that aim to develop each cutting edge music and a total cinematic universe with their project. Taking spot in the year 2112, their final transmission from the future was “Heatwave“, a track that immediately caught my ear and created me eager to hear additional. Now back with their seventh transmission, “Bad Habits” is an absolute heater of a tune with a distinctive old college Knife Celebration kind of vibe.

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There’s absolutely nothing like Jump Method in the EDM scene nowadays.

Not only is the thought of the Jump Method universe seriously cool, but the music they’re releasing is in contrast to something else I can come across. Flawlessly blending a range of bass music influences and genres, they retain issues fascinating with each release by often bringing a thing new to the table.

“Bad Habits” has to be my favored Jump Method track but.

What I particularly like about this a single is the old college complextro vibe that they’re going for. Right after an epic synth-filled opening, the track plunges into a highly effective drop that requires inspiration from previous Knife Celebration tunes that I have fond memories of. It is clear that this track emulates that style, and Jump Method does a excellent job of maintaining it original and fresh. The second drop continues with that power, hitting challenging with a halftime tempo and some significant, highly effective snares.

The timing of this release could not have been additional great for me. I’m about to embark on an adventure to North Coast Music Festival this weekend, and practically specifically seven years ago, I attended my very first North Coast and saw a Knife Celebration set that was critical in shaping my taste in EDM. “Bad Habits” brings me back to that particular day and warms my heart with great memories. That was back in 2012, and Jump Method make it clear that timeless electronic music is right here to remain properly previous the year 2112.

Jump System - Bad Habits

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