14-Year Old Babysitter Murders three-Year Old

14-year old Jonathan Godwin has been placed beneath arrested for allegedly murdering a three-year-old girl that he was babysitting. Jacksonville Police accused Godwin of repeatedly hitting the girl in her chest, back, legs and head with his fist and a belt in an try to get her to cease crying.

Reports say the teen was left in charge to babysit the small girl and two other smaller kids. According to police:

Though watching the victim for many hours, [Godwin] became annoyed with the victim for crying and repeatedly hit her. The victim was located unresponsive by [Godwin’s] mother, and was transported to a neighborhood hospital exactly where she was pronounced deceased.”

The report also revealed that Godwin had a history of “abusing and burning an additional smaller youngster. He was arrested on Friday immediately after admitting to the abuse and confessing to becoming involved in the small girl’s death, which was ruled a homicide Wednesday. The teen is becoming held on murder and aggravated youngster abuse charges, but no word on no matter if or not his mother will face charges also.