David Eason almost certainly cares extra about weapons than his personal young children.

So the former reality star may perhaps not give two you-know-whats about the news outlined beneath.

Nevertheless, a accountable father would be distraught more than the ruling that he essentially cannot see his young son any longer, which is what Eason and  Jenelle Evans just discovered in court  when it comes to 5-year old Kaden.

What did a judge decree? And what did he say in certain about Jenelle?

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The Custody Battle You Know About:

The Custody Battle You Know About:

From about mid-Could by means of early July, Jenelle and David lost custody of their personal two-year old daughter, Ensley Jenelle’s 5-year old son Kaiser and David’s 11-year old daughter Maryssa.

How Come?

How Come?

Since Eason murdered the loved ones dog this previous spring and Youngster Protection Solutions determined that they have been raising these children in an unsafe atmosphere.

So, What Changed?

So, What Changed?

Absolutely nothing in certain. The atmosphere is almost certainly unsafe nonetheless. But soon after a number of court hearings, a North Carolina judge stated there wasn’t adequate proof to prove that the 3 children really, legally could be kept from their parents any longer.

The Custody Battle You Could Not Know About

The Custody Battle You May Not Know About

Earlier this year, Eason’s ex-girlfriend, Olivia Leedham filed for sole custody of the former couple’s 5-year old son, Kaden.

The Legal Battle Ratcheted Up in Current Days

The Legal Battle Ratcheted Up in Recent Days

Olivia set up a GoFundMe account this month to assist spend her legal bills. At final verify, it had exceeded $six,000 in donations.

Jenelle and David Then Did the Identical

Jenelle and David Then Did the Same

Nevertheless, they raised just $135 of the $three,500 purpose ahead of the campaign stated that it was no longer active.