Boys Noize is revisiting his Elax moniker with a brand new EP, Bescio.

The producer requires a step back from his heavy, industrial mood, placing forth a fresh, new viewpoint on his side project for the taking. Elax is in contrast to something we’re utilized to hearing from the mastermind, even though it is nicely received.

Though the sound is light and approachable, hearing the function of Elax is type of like hearing the dark side of the moon. Bescio feels introspective to it is core. Significantly less complex, far more groovy. Oh confident, there’s a small hint of acid in there, as well.

Boys Noize has been maintaining busy. Just not too long ago he place out “Babushka Boi” with A$AP Rocky, as nicely as “Midnight Hour” with Skrillex and Ty Dolla $ign.

For any fan of Boys Noize and/or Dog Blood — this is most surely worth the listen.

Boys Noize – Bescio


Photo through Rukes.com