Bebe Rexha, Cosmopolitan UK, September 2019

Cosmopolitan UK / Rachell Smith

Bebe Rexha knows about creating an escape. 

The 30-year-old singer-songwriter has been creating music due to the fact 2010, years ahead of she celebrated breakout fame with hits like “Me, Myself & I” and “Meant to Be.” Along the way, Rexha has faced the darker side of the business she lengthy worked to break into. 

In a newly released interview with Cosmopolitan UK, the star recalled various uncomfortable experiences with producers and writers she weathered more than the years. 

“When I 1st got to LA, I worked with a really major producer. He place me in a area with lots of other songwriters and engineers who all seemed higher [on drugs],” she alleged to the magazine. “A single writer walked in and stated, ‘Listen—you have no hits, but I have loads, so I am going to go downstairs and celebration with my close friends and you are going to create a song, record the vocals and edit it. That will be our  song that we wrote with each other.'”

According to the short article, that encounter allegedly took location at Dr. Luke‘s residence, the record producer who has lengthy been in a legal battle with fellow star Keshastemming from a sexual assault lawsuit she filed back in 2014. He has repeatedly denied the allegations. 

According to Rexha, Kesha’s mother told her not to perform with the producer. 

“I don’t forget becoming at a dinner celebration with [Kesha and her mother, Pebe Sebert]. Her mom came up to me and whispered, ‘Don’t do it.’ She was speaking about operating with Dr. Luke,” she stated. “The music business can be a dark location, and she could have been attempting to quit me from obtaining in her daughter’s way. But I listened and honestly? Trusting her was the finest issue I ever did.”

Bebe Rexha, Cosmopolitan UK, September 2019

Cosmopolitan UK / Rachell Smith

The songstress also remembered an unnamed, allegedly handsy producer. “There was a producer who would come into the studio and massage my feet. A single time he attempted to go above my knees and was obtaining a tiny rough, [so] I pulled my feet away,” she described. “He stated, ‘Nah, I am going to do what I want’. But I was raised to by no means let an individual touch my physique if I do not want them to.”

Even so,  the producer’s assistant later allegedly named her to inform her he wanted to purchase the star a sundress for her to put on with out underwear. “He’s truly popular,” Rexha told Cosmopolitan UK. “My former managers stated, ‘Just perform with him, you need to have a hit song.'”

Bebe Rexha, Cosmopolitan UK, September 2019

Cosmopolitan UK / Rachell Smith

A different recording studio encounter spurred her to quietly get “the f–k out of there.”

“There was a single evening. I was alone in the studio and a [different] producer had a group of 5 or six guys with him. I had heard issues about him from his previous and I just could not take it any far more,” she told the magazine. “I felt like I was going to get raped. I quietly named myself a taxi from the recording booth, which was enclosed, and I got the f–k out of there. It was the worst evening ever.”

The September challenge of Cosmopolitan UK is on sale Sept. five. 

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