Emmy voting officially ended late final evening, and in significantly less than a month, we’ll know for confident if Julia Louis-Dreyfus will break the record she shares with Cloris Leachman and turn into the most-decorated performer in Emmy history. 

GoldDerby has her as a carried out deal to win in her category, with 23 out of 25 pundits swinging her way, as does IndieWire, but on the internet polls are skewing for Catherine O’Hara and her 1st-ever Emmy recognition for the very popular Schitt’s Creek… and then there’s Phoebe Waller-Bridge, whose profile is only increasing with Fleabag, the “hot priest,” Killing Eve, Bond 25, and her upcoming Saturday Evening Reside hosting gig. Oh yeah, and final year’s winner The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel had their LA-primarily based “30 cent” gas cost fiasco to enhance the nostalgic adore for the series, and for its top lady, final year’s winner Rachel Brosnahan. In other words, it is challenging category, and this does not even include things like Natasha Lyonne’s perform in Russian Doll, or Christina Applegate’s turn in Dead to Me. 

Except… there’s only one particular JLD, and she’s the greatest of all time, the GOAT. And she’s been carrying out the most higher-profile press tour all all through Emmy campaign season, from Jimmy Kimmel Reside! to the cover of Vanity Fair’s particular Emmy awards added, and everywhere in amongst. 

What I’ve liked most about the JLD promo blitz is how she tackles the possibility of creating history with her Emmy win. She knows it is a BFD, and it all comes back to the perform. She joked at the finish (01:32:40) of the Bill Simmons podcast this week that “it really is all about trophies for me,” and she’s repeatedly mentioned that Veep is the “hardest job [she’s] ever had”, how it was the “job of a lifetime”, the “highlight of [her] career”, and how character “likability is overrated as a virtue… definitely when it comes to writing comedy, or drama for that matter”… and how the break they took, due to her illness, resulted in fruitful inventive gifts.  

It does not really feel like a victory tour, and I like that she’s not treating her win like a confident point. She’s hitting all the stops and getting quite generous with her time. It seems she is fighting challenging to show how the series raised the bar in terms of comedy and elevated the level of difficulty for all involved. The added individual significance is there as well, of course. 

Speaking of her breast cancer battle, and how it place the show on hold, she tells Vanity Fair:

“In quite a few strategies it was quite good to get the assistance from the outdoors world… Possessing mentioned that, I didn’t think about that it would’ve taken on a life of its personal, which it did. It is such a individual point that I under no circumstances would have place something like that out there if I hadn’t had to.”

“I’m glad I got by means of it, but there’s a portion of me that is nevertheless a small frightened, you know?”

Frightened or not, it constantly goes back to gratitude. Back in March, I wrote about the tenderness Julia had as she spoke of her cancer fight, remedy, and experienced hiatus in her Veep media interviews to market the starting of the final season, and how a lot pride she has for her perform. More than and more than, she’s named it a genuine “tonic” for her. And if you want to watch that “lifesaver” gratitude firsthand, you can see for your self how emotional she is at the 10:28 mark of this For Your Consideration behind-the-scenes blooper reel.

Clearly, the JLD loves her endearing band of despicable idiots as a lot as we do. But also, a final performing win would be a quite stunning bookend to the series, and her adore of her cast. As she tells Gold Derby, “If I had been so fortunate to win, that would be extraordinary, and if I shed, it would also be extraordinary, since I… just cannot think that we’ve been invited to go to this point year following year for Veep. It really is a ton of superior fortune.”

In a small more than 3 weeks, we will know for confident if this “good fortune” comes by means of. Till then even though, it is been a delightful to have an whole month of reminders about just how excellent the GOAT truly is. Bill Simmons’ tweet (which he re-posted) says it all: