Game On! DRAG RACE Fave Manila Luzon Checks In To Common HOSPITAL

When Drag Bingo Comes To The Floating Rib.



Manila Luzon — beloved by fans for the legendary appears and witty wordplay she showcased on Season three of RUPAUL’S DRAG RACE and Seasons 1 and four of RUPAUL’S DRAG RACE ALL STARS — will make her soap opera debut on GH on Friday, September six as the host of drag queen bingo at The Floating Rib. Luzon, who would welcome a return trip to Port Charles (“My evil twin sister could possibly show up! Who knows exactly where my storyline will be in 20 or 30 years!”), spoke to Soap Opera Digest about the gig.

Soap Opera Digest: Hi!

Manila Luzon: Fantastic morning! Sorry I’m late I’m a drag queen and I’m on drag time, so the truth that I’m seven minutes late in fact indicates I’m on time.

Digest: Properly, I couldn’t be much more excited to speak to you nowadays. What was your reaction when you located out that Common HOSPITAL wanted in on some Manila action?

Luzon: Properly, very first of all, I am so satisfied that they even believed of me to be a component of their show. I believed instantly that it was possibly for the reason that they wanted me to represent a Filipino nurse, for the reason that it requires location in a hospital and I have lots of Filipino relatives who perform in hospitals. No, I’m just playing. I was truly excited for the reason that it is a legendary show! It is been on the air for like 100 years! Do you know how quite a few years precisely?

Digest: Fifty-six.

Luzon: Fifty-six. That is legendary! I’m truly excited to be a component of it, and also, it is like a pioneer in hospital shows — ER, GREY’S ANATOMY. Top quality entertainment.

Digest: Have you ever watched a soap just before?

Luzon: I under no circumstances watched Common HOSPITAL, but I did use to watch DAYS OF OUR LIVES, back in the Marlena possession days, yeah. She has a twin sister — the actual twin sister of the actress, appropriate?

Digest: That is appropriate! Perhaps we should really switch jobs for a day!

Luzon (laughs): I had to abruptly catch up on Common HOSPITAL, so now I’m hooked. I created positive I was receiving all into the characters.

Digest: So when GH asked you, there was no hesitation, it was just instantly, “I’m in”?

Luzon: Oh, I’m generally in. To be truthful, there are really handful of roles and possibilities for drag queens. It is not like there are lots of scenes exactly where there’s a drag queen walking by means of or, you know, “She’s the bank teller,” you know what I imply? A lot of occasions, we’ll be inside the context of exactly where you will uncover drag queens, which is normally like a drag club or a drag brunch or a drag bingo, any type of drag show. I’ve accomplished scenes equivalent to that, exactly where you are in a drag club or you are in some cool celebration exactly where there’s a drag queen. But I appreciate to take the function, represent the queer neighborhood, the LGBTQ neighborhood, and just be present, in particular on a daytime soap opera. I imply, you do not see drag queens in daytime! I consider it is truly cool. I’m applied to the RUPAUL’S DRAG RACE audience, but I’m reaching a fully new audience, becoming introduced to some people’s preferred show, and they could possibly not have any notion who I am — however!

Digest: When you booked this job, what have been the conversations you had with hair and makeup and wardrobe? Did you do your personal appear?

Luzon: Properly, of course, I spoke to hair and makeup and wardrobe, but it is a lot easier for me to costume myself for the reason that I know what I’m performing. And shows like Common HOSPITAL, they are making story immediately after story immediately after story each and every single day. Absolutely everyone performs so difficult. Their wardrobe and hair division is turning it out! All the wardrobe [people] wanted to participate in clothes me, [but] they just do not have my size dress, a complete sequined feather boa gown with a sculpted wig displaying up in their wardrobe division, you know? I’m positive they could pull out some old sequined gowns from the ’80s from the archives, possibly.

Digest: You should really have raided the closet when you have been there!

Luzon: Oh, trust me, we did! Absolutely nothing match [laughs]. All these soap stars are teeny tiny, each and every singe 1 of them! They’re all gorgeous, petite actresses.

Digest: Did you come with numerous appears or had it been decided on just before you showed up?

Luzon: Properly, from my discussions with the Common HOSPITAL wardrobe division and all of the fine men and women there, we had a excellent notion of what was necessary for the show. I brought a couple selections, two selections, and they have been excellent, precisely what they necessary, precisely what they wanted.

Digest: Properly, needless to say, you appear beautiful in the images that I’ve observed.

Luzon: Thank you! Folks know me as Manila Luzon, and I have my personal character. So to get to play a function that is not Manila Luzon is generally exciting for me so I can switch up my appears a small bit. Commonly I’m identified for getting black hair with a blonde streak in it, so it is exciting to throw on a massive Barbie blonde hairdo and just play like, this, wonderful drag queen who is not necessarily Manila Luzon. She gets her personal backstory. I’ve acted in quite a few factors, and in some cases they want me to play myself, you know? So I have a particular appear that goes for that. If I am supposed to play an individual else, then it is good to be capable to effortlessly switch up my appear by altering my wig, altering my dress, altering my makeup. It is a lot of exciting. My appear was inspired by Jessica Rabbit and Barbie and Lady Bunny, all these drag queens that you consider, “Oh, drag queens — massive blonde males in a sparkly dress with feathers and glitter.”

Digest: I’m so curious about your backstory for this queen. I have to envision she’s not functioning a ton living in Port Charles. I’m concerned.

Luzon: Oh, come on. Port Charles — a hub! There’s a important hospital that is positioned there, you know? Wealthy physicians reside there! And wherever there are men and women who need to have some cheering up and some dollars, you know a drag queen is there to get some suggestions.

Digest: I would appreciate to see Manila go from hospital area to hospital area collecting suggestions.

Luzon: Dressed as a nurse?

Digest: Dressed as a nurse would be excellent for suggestions, I’d consider. Okay, so when you got your script, did you really feel like, “I have to find out this to the letter,” or did you really feel like you could place a small spin on it as soon as you have been on set?

Luzon: I knew my lines. It was truly fantastic, even though, for the reason that it was such a exciting scene, and the director, Phideaux [Xavier], I consider he has a know-how of drag, adequate so that he permitted me to ad-lib a small bit, which was truly good. Now, thoughts you, we just took a handful of requires it is a soap opera production, they go truly rapidly. So, we wanted it to be as all-natural and as true as attainable with no messing up story. It was a pleasure. I’m representing drag as a drag queen and not just an actor in a dress playing a drag queen. It was truly good that they permitted me to stick with pretty much my personal voice in areas, but that was truly just tiny ad-libs that might or might not get the reduce. I do not know I haven’t observed the episode.



Digest: So, in the scene, Alexis and Neil are there, played by Nancy Lee Grahn and Joe Flanigan, and you got to watch them do their point. What did you consider of them and their efficiency?

Luzon: Nancy is amazing. It is truly cool to see her come onto set, I was watching her, and she would like click on and turn on her character that she has been playing for so lengthy. It is like various men and women you see her build her character. She truly makes use of each and every component of the set, the other actors she’s with, she truly place with each other this moment to inform the story. It is truly intriguing. And she’s gorgeous, she’s got fairly hair and she smells good.

Digest: She’s going to be so thrilled you mentioned that!

Luzon: And Joe, I’m not so familiar with his character however, but Joe is just a cool guy and he had a lot of exciting in our scenes.

Digest: What type of reaction did your fan base have when word got out that you’d be appearing on GH?

Luzon: I had no notion what I was receiving myself into for the reason that this is a fully various audience that I’m applied to. When Common HOSPITAL’s Instagram posted the image of me — at very first they have been like, “We’re just gonna get ahead of the leaks for the reason that it is going to get out there,” which possibly was like, a direct appear at me, like, “Mm-hmm, Instagram story!” But they have been like, “Let’s let men and women get excited for it!” And this image came out and I’m seeking at now all these fans of Common HOSPITAL when I’m applied to reading comments by men and women that know me currently. So it is been truly intriguing to watch the reaction of the Common HOSPITAL fans.

Digest: I do not know how a great deal crossover there is in between the Common HOSPITAL audience and the DRAG RACE audience, but there have got to be other men and women like me who are like, “I’m so excited, my worlds are colliding!”

Luzon: I consider there in fact would be for the reason that the DRAG RACE fandom has come to be pretty much 60 % ladies at this point. I’m truly excited myself, personally, for the reason that like I mentioned just before, there are not that quite a few roles for drag queens, so, I might not be Shangela or Willam in A Star Is Born, but Common HOSPITAL is legendary! So I’m so excited to be a component of it — and I looked excellent and I had excellent lighting, as well. I really feel like I’m going to be observed by my mom’s buddies or my sister’s buddies. Hopefully it is a cute episode. And it is exciting, it truly fits the episode and assists make that component of the story exciting. Common HOSPITAL is much more of a critical show no 1 is receiving possessed. But!

Digest: But, appropriate. Not till the subsequent time drag bingo comes about!

Luzon: Yes, but there’s certainly no 1 evil kidnapping an individual in his submarine.

Digest: It is so funny — when you say that, I know precisely what years you watched DAYS. Now I know what you have been performing in the mid to late ’90s.

Luzon (laughs): Specifically.

Digest: What would be your dream soap opera storyline to play out on Common HOSPITAL?

Luzon: I do not even know! I would possibly come in with some horrible illness — like possibly I have glitter cancer [laughs]. As a drag queen, I would want it to be ridiculous, like, possibly I have to have a wig surgically place on my head, or removing my toes so I could match into smaller sized footwear. It’d have to be a crazy storyline, practically nothing as well critical. I consider that is what is truly exciting about drag becoming applied in this way. It was just like a exciting way to bring a small ridiculousness and make you laugh.



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