We caught up with Dave and Si to give them a superior grilling about their American adventure…

Hairy Bikers Si King and Dave Myers are fulfilling a lifetime ambition on their most recent culinary trip by riding Harley-Davidsons along America’s iconic Route 66.

As they travel from Chicago to LA, BBC2’s Hairy Bikers: Route 66 will see them make pit stops to cook and taste regional dishes, meet the locals and study some US history.

R & R: Hairy Bikers Stopping off at the MidPoint Cafe in Texas

R & R: Stopping off at the MidPoint Cafe in Texas

Right here we chat with Si and Dave about BBC2’s Hairy Bikers: Route 66…

Why did you want to make a series about Route 66?

Si: “It’s 1 of these iconic motorcycle trips, and also the most essential road in contemporary American history.”

What had been the very best and worst bits?

Dave: “The very best had been meeting the communities that exist about Route 66. We had been adopted by the Navajo nation, who killed a sheep and barbequed it for us! The worst was riding by means of the Mojave Desert in 50-degree heat! I’ve cooked duck eggs at 50 degrees, so you can envision how hot it is sitting on a bike!”

We associate American cuisine with quickly meals – is there additional to it?

Dave: “There are a lot of burgers and my waistline suffered as a outcome! But scratch under the surface, with Route 66 becoming the migrant route, and there is a meals culture born of immigration – from the Vietnamese to the Bosnians.”

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Hairy Bikers on motorbikes

On the road: The Hairy Bikers in Missouri

Did American culture have a huge influence on you when you had been young?

Si: “The literature, music and films had been all extremely essential, and seemed exotic at the time. That aspirational life-style – motorbikes and freedom. That was the cool point about the States.”

Peter Fonda died lately – did you really feel like you had been recreating his cult motorbike film Simple Rider?

Dave: “There had been shades of Simple Rider!”

Hairy Bikers Route 66

Hairy Bikers getting entertaining on their epic trip

As bike enthusiasts, are you Harley-Davidson fans?

Dave: “Maybe not for British roads. We did a charity bike ride final year by means of Canada, and we’re going once again this year to do 1 in California. Each are on Harleys, and on these roads they function genuinely effectively.”
Si: “However, as quickly we got off our Harleys, since we’re of a specific age, we walked like we’d just got off a horse!”

Did you bring back any souvenirs?

Dave: “I brought back Navajo jewellery for the family members – it is gorgeous, with superb stones and silverware.”

Who had been the most intriguing characters you met?

D: “This old Navajo lady adopted us, so we are now sons of the Navajo nation! She was referred to as Dorothy and she’s our new mam.”

You are extremely effectively travelled. What travel ideas can you pass on?

Dave: “We didn’t apply any of the travel ideas we’ve discovered on this 1! We brought the most inappropriate clothes, taking into consideration the temperature ranged from minus 9 Celsius outdoors Chicago to plus 50 in the Mojave Desert! So my tip is: verify the climate! What have you discovered, Kingy?”
Si: “Take a Bluetooth speaker. At the finish of the evening, Dave and I like to sit down with a beer, place some music on and chew the fat about the day.”

Hairy Bikres: Route 66 - the boys in Arizona

The boys in Arizona

There are lots of angry celebrity chefs – why are you two so cheerful?

Si: “For Dave and I, cooking meals has usually been a joyous procedure. If you are angry in the kitchen it comes out in the meals. That stated, paying superior revenue for poor create tends to make me angry.”
Dave: “We’re fortunate since we cook for pleasure – we’ve in no way cooked for paying prospects.”

Si, are you tempted to adhere to in Dave’s dance actions and seem on Strictly?

Si: “I wouldn’t be tempted, as I’m terrified of the complete procedure. I’m an utter coward!”
Dave: “The irony is that when we’re out, he’s the very first particular person to want to go dancing!”

Dave, what are your memories of Strictly?

Dave: “I totally adored Strictly. The dancers are brilliant and I produced close friends on that show that I’ve kept to this day. You have to just go with it and have a laugh. I’ve attempted to persuade Si to do it, but it is not taking place. On the other hand he did get presented Dancing on Ice final year!”

Wow! Had been you tempted to say yes, Si?

Si: “Me on skates? Do not be nuts! I can hardly bloody stand up!”

Hairy Bikers: Route 66 begins at 8pm on Thursday 12 September on BBC2