Took my four year old neice to her really initial football game tonight(higher college game right here in town). I believed she would get bored speedy and we would leave early but she had an absolute blast and did not want to leave till the game was more than.
Spectacular evening watching the sun set speaking football with my littles. She’s going to know extra about the game than the boys her age. My target is to make her like Icebox from Small Giants. :lol: She desires to go see JJ Watt subsequent. I am eyeing that December 3rd game against the Patriots, that is going to be the a single.

Been a though given that I’ve been to a higher college game. Similar head coach runs the group that did when I covered them for the newspaper in 2011-2012 and he nonetheless runs the precise very same offense, I forgot how a lot exciting it was to watch reside, just pure football.

But man so several guys walking about with guns strapped to their hips, I was truly shocked how several. It really is like get the **** out of right here with that bullshit.