Jennifer Aniston Reese Witherspoon Feud Truth

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Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon are continually feuding with each and every other in the globe of the tabloids. In reality, the co-stars of Apple’s upcoming series The Morning Show are close buddies. Right here are 5 incorrect rumors about their partnership that Gossip Cop has busted.

In November 2017, shortly immediately after it was announced the two actresses would be functioning with each other, OK! alleged Aniston and Witherspoon have been fighting more than equal spend. The story quoted a supposed insider as saying, “Reese wasn’t delighted to discover out” that her co-stars was supposedly generating much more dollars for the Television show. That merely wasn’t the case. Aniston and Witherspoon are also co-producers, and are becoming paid equally for their perform on the show. Person reps for each stars also assured Gossip Cop the two have been receiving the exact same salary.

Immediately after filming started, Life & Style falsely claimed Aniston and Witherspoon have been feuding on set. The story, once again quoting a questionable “source,” mentioned Witherspoon was a bully who was “calling all the shots” and “acting much more like Jen’s boss than her colleague.” Aniston’s spokesperson told Gossip Cop on the record that the story was nonsense. The short article was published to capitalize on the two appearing with each other at an Apple occasion to market the new streaming service and their show.

A couple of months later, New Concept also wrongly reported Aniston and Witherspoon got into a fight on the set of The Morning Show. The genesis of this fake story came from pictures of the actresses filming a scene in which their characters get into a fight. The tabloid attempted to sell the photos as a genuine-life actual altercation, hoping no 1 would appear as well deeply into the origins of the pictures. Gossip Cop was also told by a production insider that there was zero tension on set.

In July, immediately after The Morning Show had wrapped filming, Star alleged Witherspoon had “ditched” Aniston in favor of Kerry Washington, her co-star on the upcoming Hulu series Small Fires Everywhere. The tabloid claimed Witherspoon comprehend she “had absolutely nothing in common” immediately after functioning with each other, whereas she and Washington “have so a great deal in frequent – they’re each these form-A, supermom personalities juggling 25 items at after.” In addition to sounding like silly higher college drama, Gossip Cop confirmed with a rep for Aniston that she and Witherspoon have been nevertheless “great buddies.”

Shortly later, OK! wrongly reported that The Morning Show had ruined Aniston and Witherspoon’s friendship. The story rehashed lots of of the other false reports from earlier in the year, such as applying a lot of the exact same quotes and fake factors for the co-stars’ supposed falling out. An unnamed insider claimed the two actress had “grown apart and are just gritting their teeth attempting to get by means of this practical experience devoid of embarrassing themselves.” As soon as once again, Aniston’s spokesperson told Gossip Cop the feud rumors have been ”absolutely false.” If you are searching for drama amongst Aniston and Witherspoon, verify out The Morning Show when it debuts this fall. You will not discover any amongst the actresses in genuine life.


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