Alex Cameron

Miami Memory

Secretly Canadian

Sep 09, 2019
Internet Exclusive

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More than the previous couple of years, there hasn’t been an act, or much more accurately, entertainer, such as Alex Cameron. He is a throwback to an older time exactly where musicians or artists playing a persona was a familiar notion, an outlier in our present overly self-conscious instances. Musically, he exists as a much more cynical Bruce Springsteen, brilliantly painting the worlds of these close-to-true-life characters and their awful excesses. 

More than his prior two albums, Cameron has revealed himself as a master storyteller, with an incredibly dark sense of humor, to discover themes of toxic masculinity in a subtle, performative way. Reside or in his music videos, which inform an essential portion of Cameron’s down-and-out-loser character, he physically embodies the machismo displayed by guys way out of their depth and instances in the 21st century.    

On his most up-to-date album, Miami Memory, having said that, Cameron has taken on a couple much more voices to his repertoire, a direct outcome of his connection with actress Jemima Kirke. Cameron’s third complete-length sees him take on female perspectives to the toxic masculinity issue, such as on the brilliant “Far From Born Once again,” his song celebrating empowered sex-workers. Alongside this, Cameron sings in the initial-particular person for the initial time, addressing Kirke’s young children straight in opener “Stepdad” and then Kirke herself on the album’s sex-dripping title track.

Cameron nonetheless finds area to cover his much more favored and comfy subjects, having said that, by means of a new, particularly American lens. This is Cameron’s initial album completely recorded in America, and as such he utilizes a variety of sounds and genres reflecting that such as the brilliant “Negative For the Boys,” a bar-rock exposition on several awful guys. Meanwhile closer “Also Far” sits just on the ideal side of cheese, for the reason that if there is a modern artist who can effectively balance cliche and believed-provoking pop music, it really is Cameron. (www.alkcm.bandcamp.com) 

Author rating: eight/10