bitchy | Donald Trump referred to Chrissy Teigen as John Legend’s ‘filthy mouthed wife’



I have no doubt that Donald Trump was absolutely unhinged this weekend. I trust that he was, but I wasn’t paying focus. I give these gifts to myself, exactly where I refuse to study something about him for an complete weekend. So, vibrant and early this morning, I saw that Trump was up late final evening. We know he was up since he was hate-tweeting at and about black people. It occurred to him 11:11 pm on a Sunday that HE did some thing that Barack Obama didn’t do, since Obama lives in his head rent cost-free. But not just that – Trump also decided to name-verify “John Legend and his filthy mouthed wife.” Oh. We’re undertaking this. Right here are the tweets and no I’m not embedding them.

When all of the individuals pushing so really hard for Criminal Justice Reform have been unable to come even close to obtaining it accomplished, they came to me as a group and asked for my enable. I got it accomplished with a group of Senators & other folks who would never ever have gone for it. Obama couldn’t come close….

….A man named @VanJones68, and lots of other folks, have been profusely grateful (at that time!). I SIGNED IT INTO LAW, no 1 else did, & Republicans deserve significantly credit. But now that it is passed, individuals that had practically absolutely nothing to do with it are taking the praise. Guys like boring…..

….musician @johnlegend, and his filthy mouthed wife, are speaking now about how wonderful it is – but I didn’t see them about when we necessary enable obtaining it passed. “Anchor”@LesterHoltNBC does not even bring up the topic of President Trump or the Republicans when speaking about….

…..the significance or passage of Criminal Justice Reform. They only speak about the minor players, or individuals that had absolutely nothing to do with it…And the individuals that so desperately sought my enable when absolutely everyone else had failed, all they speak about now is Impeaching President Trump!

[From Trump’s Twitter]

Initially of all, the actual argument of the tweets is so pathetic – he’s begging absolutely everyone to give him credit for a bigger movement which was…started below the Obama administration, with Obama and Eric Holder (the AG at the time) bringing in criminal justice reform advocates who had been functioning in the field for decades. The Republicans blocked Obama’s efforts for extra meaningful justice reform. And now Trump desires credit for all of it. He’s such a dumbass.

As for Chrissy “John Legend’s Filthy Mouthed Wife” Teigen… like, does Trump know that Chrissy LIVES on line? She’s going to dine out on this for months. She’s currently referred to as him him a “p-ssy ass bitch,” which of course was trending on Twitter all evening and into the morning.

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