Hugely effective businesswoman Janine Allis was a single of the most strong players on this season of Australian Survivor. In spite of getting dubbed ‘the Godmother’ by rival Harry Hills, she managed to evade focus all through the post-merge game by deflecting the target on to equally threatening players. On the other hand, her luck ran out final evening when Luke Toki won person immunity, thwarting plans to do away with him. Under, she chats how her profession practical experience helped her in the game, what she truly believed about former close ally Abbey Holmes defecting from the group, and what she would have completed with the prize funds had she won.

POPSUGAR Australia: Hey Janine! Sad to see you go. Had been you shocked to be voted out?

Janine: Each time you sit on that incredibly really hard stool at tribal, you normally count on to go. I feel the day that you really feel comfy is the day that you go. But appear, I felt like I had the numbers, and I felt that it was in the folks I was with’s very best interests to vote with me, but clearly, I was incorrect and very good on them!

PS: Did you feel it was a error for the other individuals to vote you out at that time?

Janine: I feel for Abbey it was simply because getting a strong 3 with only six folks left would have offered us extraordinary energy. Breaking that 3 up meant that you have been vulnerable, and she knew that we had been loyal from the start off. That is all you can essentially go on, what is occurred in the previous. But then once more, what you did not see was that Luke told her a ‘Survivor lie’ that Pia and I wanted him in the final 3 with us, not her. It was an absolute comprehensive lie but she believed it. Folks have been telling lies everywhere, so she must have come to us and stated, “appear, Luke’s stated this, what do you feel?” It is a shame for my game, but we will see how it pans out for Abbey, it may have essentially been the very best choice she created in the game.

PS: Taking into consideration how typically it really is been talked about that Luke is a enormous threat, it appears surprising she would think that, but I guess that is a testament to Luke’s social game. . .

Janine: Yeah, he is a mastermind at this game. Luke has a superpower which is that he’s so likeable. I would say the social game is the most strong component of the game, larger than getting robust or speedy. Becoming very good socially is the way to go.

PS: You and Abbey have been truly close in the game till she turned her back on your alliance by voting out Simon. How did you really feel about her defecting?

Janine: You get disappointed, simply because we had gone on a journey from the start off, and we had truly backed every single other up. We had normally told the truth [to each other], and I was truly close to her. It was a surprise, but then once more, I see this is a game. If that is how she desires to play, then that is her game, and I help her in that. Every person tends to make possibilities primarily based on their personal very best interests, and if that is what she believed was on the case, then very good on her. I do not hold any grudges at all, it really is a game, and she played properly. . . it got her additional than me in the game!

PS: Could you elaborate a bit additional on why decided to target Baden final evening more than a extra clear threat like Harry?

Janine: Seriously very good query! Essentially, we came up to Luke and stated, “appear, we really feel like we’re disconnected, let’s speak about it.” So he stated, “I really feel like you feel I am a major threat,” and I stated, “properly, you are a major threat.” Then he stated, “I know you feel of Harry as a threat, so if we vote out Baden, the subsequent individual to potentially get voted out ahead of me would be Harry.” He meant if you vote out Harry, then definitely you’d rather go to the final two with Baden more than Luke, so that would make him vulnerable [the next vote]. I believed that was essentially a truly clever suggestion, and I was supportive of that.

PS: What would your pitch to the jury have been had you created it to the finish? I feel a lot of folks would not feel of you as in want of the prize funds, so what would your argument have been to nevertheless get them to award you?

Janine: What I was telling folks out there was that no a single would give me the funds. That was my pitch, “take me to final two and you will win.” But what they did not know was that I’d told the producers that I had no intention of taking the funds. I had every single intention of providing it to charity, and not only that, I was going to recommend that they could essentially inform me which charity to give it to. My pitch would have been, “take the funds off the table, and let’s appear purely at the game.” I agree with you, I do not feel anybody would have awarded me the half a million dollars, but I would have had huge pleasure in providing that to some truly worthy charities.

PS: How did your practical experience as such a effective businesswoman aid you in the game of Survivor?

Janine: I feel it really is all about folks, and it really is about listening extra than speaking. It is also about producing positive folks really feel like they are involved in every single choice, which they have been, we have been incredibly collaborative. If a person wanted to vote a person out that I disagreed with, then hopefully I had the abilities to show them why the individual I wanted out was a superior solution. It was normally about respect, I feel that is the essential factor, whether or not it really is in company, in life or Survivor. The essential factor is to respect folks and their views, and that was my gameplay. It was like, “I am not this major ogre-like businesswoman who tends to make all the choices,” I wanted to truly make it a collaborative journey.

PS: What are your thoughts on the Godmother nickname, do you feel it really is an correct moniker?

Janine: I believed it was funny! At the finish of the day, if you are playing a game, you may as properly have a character name. At the start off, I knew Harry was attempting to deflect the focus off him and place it on me, and as it went on, it just type of stuck. But I was conscious that final season Mat Rogers got the name godfather and then was blindsided the subsequent day, so it was type of like, “no, no, do not appear at me, I am not the godmother, I am just this individual playing quietly in the corner!” It was normally a be concerned simply because as quickly as you have a title and a reputation, you come to be a resume plug for other folks

PS: Do you have any regrets from the game?

Janine: No, no way! It would have been good to make it to the final two, but at the finish of the day, I am truly proud I got to 44 days. I got an person immunity necklace, I discovered an idol, I ticked a lot of Survivor boxes. So I really feel like I had a incredibly complete game, which I was truly content with. I felt like I was truly active in the game as properly due to the fact the original Champions tribe kept losing all the immunity challenges. We had to play really hard from day a single, Pia and I went to extra tribal councils than anybody else and we had to fight by way of the entire game. So I will have to admit, I was truly pleased with how it all panned out.

PS: What was the highlight of your practical experience?

Janine: I feel my highlights incorporated winning the immunity necklace, and also the tribal council exactly where Shaun went property. I was truly content with my capability to convince everybody to vote for Shaun, simply because it had been Luke who was going property, so I was truly proud of that. But I feel my highlight was truly the connection I formed and continue to have with Pia. The truth I managed to leave the game with a good friendship is truly the highlight.

PS: Speaking of Pia, you praised her skills as a player a lot all through the game, and final evening you stated she would “turn this entire game about.” What created you so confident in her game at that time?

Janine: It was simply because we had so quite a few conversations more than who would go when they would go, why they would go. But it was not only that, it really is all properly and very good to say who you want to go, but it really is the execution that has the true worth. Pia had such a robust social game that she’d be up at two in the morning getting a laugh with a person by the fire. To have a person you totally trust all through the entire game truly assists enormously with your moral compass, but also with the enjoyment of the game.

PS: What was your practical experience of going to jury villa and getting reunited with some folks you’d played a major component in voting out like?

Janine: Since all these guys [on the jury] are such game players, I felt incredibly confident I would not arrive to them going, “you cow, you voted me out,” and all that. It was essentially truly very good, we had amazing chats about the game in jury villa. Though I would have liked to have won, solution two was to commit time with these guys, who I truly respect and like a lot!

PS: What do you want to see from a winner as a juror? What sort of pitch would convince you to vote for a person?

Janine: At the finish of the day I have such substantial respect for the game that I would take all emotion out of it and undoubtedly appear at the game itself. I’d hear what they had to say and appear at what sort of game they’d played. But definitely I know Pia’s game, so it’d be a really hard ask for me to vote for anybody but her. On the other hand, I may transform my thoughts just after the pitch! It’ll be fascinating to see how it all unfolds, I am searching forward to the public seeing the rest of the game simply because there is lots extra twists and turns to come.