There is heartbreak heading for 1 family members in today’s Neighbours when Leo Tanaka tends to make the shocking choice to leave Ramsay Street…

Neighbours fans are in for a surprise these days since Leo Tanaka is set to leave Ramsay Street in a sudden storyline twist.

The drama begins these days when it is revealed he has been involved in the plot to sabotage Paul and Terese’s wedding.

Leo Tanaka in Neighbours

Leo hits rock bottom in today’s Neighbours (Image: Channel five)

Paul’s daughter Elle has been functioning alongside his former wives to attempt and convince him that marrying Terese would be a large error, but when it is revealed that Leo knew about the plot his brother David didn’t see the funny side.

The tension in between the siblings reaches fever pitch these days as David struggles with the truth he does not know his brother like he believed he did… and Leo is consumed with guilt more than ruining Terese and Paul’s wedding day.

Neighbours, Elle Robinson

Paul’s daughter Elle, final noticed on screen practically a decade ago, was revealed to be the mastermind behind all Paul’s former wives returning (Image: Channel five)

Nonetheless, it appears no quantity of meddling can ruin points for Paul and Terese since they overcome Elle’s plot against them these days and tie the knot in a hilarious, impromptu ceremony… total with an Elvis impersonator as their celebrant!

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But whilst the new Mr and Mrs Robinson are the image of happiness soon after obtaining married in Queensland, the similar cannot be stated for Leo, who is struggling back in Ramsay Street.

Paul and Terese get married in Neighbours

Paul and Terese’s wedding goes ahead in spite of Elle’s sabotage program (Image: Channel five)

Following losing the Backlane Bar thanks to his cash becoming stolen soon after his 1 evening stand turned out to be a con artist, Leo has no job, no romance in his life, and now he is hurting since David will not give him the time of day.

Regardless of attempting to make points up with David prior to he goes, David does not want to know and puts their frank conversation off till a later date.

Paul and Terese get married in Neighbours

The new Mr and Mrs Robinson are the image of happiness (Image: Channel five)

Nonetheless, what he does not realise is that Leo is preparing on leaving and their chat will under no circumstances take place.

Following every person has gone to bed, Leo writes his brother a letter explaining almost everything and tends to make a sneaky exit below the cover of darkness.

Neighbours, Leo Tanaka, David Tanaka

David is unhappy with brother Leo soon after his current behaviour (Image: Channel five)

But how will David really feel when he wakes up in the morning and finds his brother has gone?

1 point is for positive, there will be a Leo-shaped hole in the family members from now on.

Neighbours airs weekdays at 1.45pm and five.30pm on Channel five