Nipsey Hussle

Nipsey Hussle’s estate is on the hook for unpaid royalties.

On Tuesday, a songwriter named Bradley Davis filed a claim against the late rapper’s estate alleging that he, along with two other folks, wrote the music that was made use of on “Rap Ni**as” off Nipsey’s Grammy-nominated debut Victory Lap.

According to documents, obtained by TMZ, Davis says he copyrighted his operate in December 2017. Davis says Nipsey never ever got permission to use his operate on the album, which dropped in February 2018. Davis also claims he and the other two composers had been never ever paid any royalties.

Though he does not say how a great deal he’s owed, he clearly thinks the estate owes him some thing. Creditors claims against the estate will have to be filed inside 4 months of an executor becoming named. Nipsey’s brother, Sam Asghedom, was named executor on Aug. 29.

Just final week, singer Tasleema Yasin filed a claim with the estate, saying she wrote and performed a vocal phrase made use of all through the track “Hussle & Motivate.”