Emma Roche could never ever be accused of not wearing her heart on her sleeve for the duration of her time on The Bachelor. Getting produced a lasting impression on us viewers as the contestant who ‘loved love’, she took it one particular step additional she dropped the 1st L-bomb of the season for the duration of her hometown date with Matt Agnew. In spite of her declaration, she was sent packing final evening following a dramatic rose ceremony. Under, she chats ‘love’, naturally, as effectively as her thoughts on her edit and the factors behind her exit.

POPSUGAR: Hey Emma! How was it to have to relive your exit final evening?

Emma: It was okay! Except for the finish definitely, that was quite really hard to watch and quite emotional. But I am in a fantastic location now!

PS: Have been you shocked that you have been eliminated?

Emma: I imply, I was becoming realistic. At the finish of the day, I had a one particular in 4 likelihood of going property. I had to maintain that at the forefront of my thoughts, and following seeing what went down at the rose ceremony with Helena, I believed, “okay, tonight could be my evening to go.”

PS: Was there something that occurred at your hometown that indicated you could possibly not be going additional?

Emma: I do not believe so! It really is a pressurised atmosphere and you do not genuinely get to devote that considerably time with each other. It was a hard one particular, there have been a couple of occasions exactly where I believed, “okay, his power has shifted a tiny bit,” but you never ever know what is genuinely going by means of his head.

PS: There have been persons who questioned if you loved Matt himself, or the concept of becoming in appreciate. What do you believe about that?

Emma: Oh my god, the ‘love’ factor has been dramatised so considerably! [Laughs] I did not fall in appreciate with him on episode one particular, like seriously, get true! I went in there for genuine factors, it is a dating show, so surprise surprise, I went in there to fall in appreciate! There have been genuine feelings for him, but it was clearly dramatised.

PS: What are your thoughts on Matt now?

Emma: He is a fantastic guy, he’s so genuine and he is there to discover appreciate. Appear, I do not hold any grudges there whatsoever, he was genuinely sincere about how he was feeling towards me. I respect that!

PS: Do you regret telling him you loved him, or have any other regrets from the show?

Emma: I do not regret telling him how I felt about him, we have been at the business enterprise finish and he wanted to know how we have been feeling. That is how I was feeling at the time, so I believed, “you know what, I am just going to lay my cards on the table, and if he feels the similar way that is wonderful, and if he does not then it is not the finish of the planet.” I likely should not have stated the ‘love’ word fifty billion occasions on the show, but I did, so I’d likely alter that if I could.

PS: Properly, it is really hard to inform if you stated it fifty billion occasions, or if they just played it fifty billion occasions. . .

Emma: Yeah, effectively it is just one particular of these items. It really is all accomplished and dusted now, so I just will need to personal it and ride the wave . . .

PS: If it have been me, I’d rather have the “I appreciate appreciate” edit than the edit some of the other contestants have received this season. . .

Emma: Thank you! Yeah, I’d rather be identified as the clinger than a bitch. [Laughs]

PS: How did you really feel about the edit you received?

Emma: I was shocked by the 1st couple of episodes, but following that I just had to accept it. It is what it is at the finish of the day, and I had wonderful expertise filming the show so I am not going to let any editing ruin that for me. I met a lot of beautiful persons and I am genuinely content to have had that.

PS: Do you believe Helena speaking to Matt at the rose ceremony played a element in your exit?

Emma: Rather possibly, yes! [Laughs] She pulled him out for the reason that of how her hometown went down, and I did not know that at the time, which is why I was so shocked and not impressed. But possessing watched the episode, I can see why she wanted to clear the air, and possibly that Matt just wanted to discover exactly where her head was at.

PS: Do you nonetheless believe it was unfair that she got that time?

Emma: I believe I am a bit far more understanding, Matt was quite sincere about how he was feeling towards me, his feelings hadn’t created as rapidly as mine which was fair sufficient. If somebody does not really feel the similar way about me then I am not going to beg them to remain. Helena had her factors, she saw her chance and she went for it, so I realize!

PS: What was the highlight of your time on the show?

Emma: It sounds so corny, but just receiving to meet the beautiful Bachelorettes. I’ve produced so lots of fantastic friendships out of this show that I am so grateful for.

PS: At the finish of final night’s episode, you stated one thing like, “I will discover my prince sooner or later.” Have you identified your prince now?

Emma: Oh how cheesy, I speak so considerably shit! [Laughs] Have I identified my prince? Ah, no! I am happily single, I am going to remain single for a tiny though and have entertaining and love it!

PS: Who do you believe is most most likely to ‘win’ now?

Emma: Aw, I hate calling it winning! But I believe it is going to be involving Helena and Chelsie. He’s got a fantastic connection there with these two, so it could swing either way.