Why Chelsea are (and are not) like the Miami Dolphins


Chelse Dolphins

We’re in the middle of the international break, so final Sunday was a tiny bit of a drag for some football fans. Just as the season was obtaining began, there was a blank weekend day in the middle of your calendar.

That is, unless you are an NFL fan. It just so occurred that America’s game kicked off that extremely day, which means Blues fans who also like to watch gridiron had been kept effectively entertained.

The return of the NFL prompted Betway to create this weblog post, aimed at assisting Premier League fans uncover their group to help across the pond. They recommend Chelsea are like the Miami Dolphins, which is a tiny harsh to say the least.

There are spot on with the similarities – each teams do play in Blue, and each changed manager in the summer season to bring in a young, untested coach who is searching to rebuild from the ground up.

On the other hand, Chelsea are a major side with a wealthy current type of winning trophies. The Dolphins… are not. They have declined given that their 80s heyday and now slum about at the bottom of their division, speaking about the superior old days. Reminds us of a fair couple of Premier League clubs, but undoubtedly not Chelsea.

The Floridans began their season with an absolute stinker – they had been battered 59-10 by a rampant Ravens group at the weekend. Maybe they can take hope from Chelsea, who have come on leaps and bounds given that becoming beaten four- by Man U in their personal opening fixture.

Either way, each teams have a fascinating season ahead, and Chelsea fans who also take pleasure in the NFL are assured entertainment more than the subsequent six months at least.



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