Farrah Abraham Blasted For Confusing 9/11 with ‘7-Eleven’


Farrah Abraham paid tribute to the victims of Sept. 11 terrorist attacks with a trip to Ground Zero — but the take a look at didn’t come without the need of a enormous  that’s floored social media customers.

On Wednesday, the former Teen Mom star, 28,  confused 9/11 with the comfort chain shop 7-Eleven.

“OK, so we wanted to do, considering the fact that it is going to be September 11th, in honor of the Freedom Towers and the observatory deck and every thing of 7-Eleven, we are going to do this,” Abraham says in videos posted on-line. “Wow, appear at this guys,” she adds, pointing the camera upward to show A single Globe Trade Center.

Press play under to watch.


The adult film star stated she was in fifth grade when the Twin Towers collapsed in 2001 — and she was going to the constructing in New York City’s Decrease Manhattan to “enjoy this experience” with her daughter, Sophia, as she’s now in fifth grade herself.

Practically three,000 people today died in the September 11 terror attacks and thousands extra suffered injuries in 1 of America’s most horrific tragedies. 

Farrah Abraham, 28, described A single Globe Trade as “gorgeous, stunning and in memory of a lot of loved ones and a lot of other individuals lost,” and added she believes it is significant for her 9-year-old daughter to understand about Sept. 11, as she wasn’t alive when it occurred.

Farrah Abraham

Farrah uploaded the video to Instagram just before catching her error and world wide web observers have been rapid to get in touch with out her disrespectful comment.

A single individual wrote the video “is so disrespecting towards the people today who lost and in all probability nonetheless are in discomfort of what occurred that day… Numerous have fought to support a lot of people today and lots of have lost their lives that day.”

“Just an additional vlog for you to get likes. You have no notion or respect for the which means of 9/11. I’ve under no circumstances noticed a extra delusional human becoming. Disgusting,” somebody else wrote.

Some questioned why Abraham wanted to “enjoy” going to Ground Zero, taking into consideration the horror that took location there.

“She stated they love the knowledge how can you love going to the 9/11 memorial your meant to take a minute and assume about these poor people today not love it,” somebody stated, with an additional adding: “Why would you love this knowledge! What’s joyful about it! Stupid springs to thoughts.”

Farrah Abraham is no stranger to controversy and has been referred to as out various occasions for questionable behavior. Most not too long ago, she was slammed for posting a video of her daughter dancing about in a bra and underwear.


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