Mama June: Going to Prison on Drug Charges Following Federal Indictment?!


Mama June performed messed up.

Or, properly, she’s been messing up essentially for her complete whole life, but this time she messed up. Badly.

We’re speaking definitely, definitely badly. Like so badly that the unlikely reality star could be going to prison.

And honestly? It would likely be for the very best at this point, provided the controversy surrounding her.

We’ll get into that – she’s been indicted on freakin’ federal charges – but to kick factors off, just know that ol’ June Shannon has unquestionably observed superior days … to say the absolute least.

Terrible Occasions

Bad Times

June … properly, June is not precisely possessing a superior time ideal now.

Effectively …

Well ...

And that is for the reason that June is a drug addict who tends to make unbelievably terrible alternatives.



The undesirable alternatives point has been taking place for a lengthy time — don’t forget when she dated that guy who had just gotten out of prison for molesting her personal daughter?

This Guy

This Guy

But the drugs look to be a reasonably new addition, all thanks to her gross boyfriend, Geno Doak.



Yep, Geno only came into the image at the starting of final year, and just before that, June had been operating on her new physique and possessing a enjoyable time with her daughters though carrying out it.



Now, her daughters want absolutely nothing to do with her — but additional on that in a minute.


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