My wife and I completed watching Unbelievable on Netflix, just as the NY Occasions story broke about a second sexual misconduct incident involving now Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh in his freshman year at Yale, in addition to the 1 involving Deborah Ramirez, a second incident that the FBI was informed about but neglected or refused to investigate.

Unbelievable is about a serial rapist, who committed acts far more egregious than sexual assault, but the all-as well-correct story is the similar: the callous disregard of ladies and girls who are victims of sexual assault, combined with psychological bullying by authorities.  In the Unbelievable case, the outcome was a rapist who went on to rape various other lady.  In the Kavanaugh case, the outcome is a man accused of attempted rape and sexual assault, not adequately investigated, now sitting on the U. S. Supreme Court.

The docudrama was brilliantly acted, and had as content an ending as could outcome in these situations: the rapist was sent to prison for far more than 300 years.  The Kavanaugh hearings, in certain the Republican defense of Kavanaugh, was a shambles, and the outcome a travesty of justice.

On the brilliantly acted Unbelievable –  Kaitlyn Dever as Marie Adler the 1st victim, and Merritt Wever as Det. Karen Duvall and Toni Collette as Det. Grace Rasmussen, the detectives whose focused, unrelenting, perceptive function brought the rapist down, all deserve Emmys.  So does the pacing and counterpoint of the story in two distinctive areas and instances – Washington State and Colorado – and the way they unify in the finish.

As for Kavanugh, he deserves not to judge but to be investigated additional and judged.  But politics, in particular these days, appears to frequently get in the way of justice, so we’ll have to wait and see.