1- IAEA Acting DG: We’ll Continue Verifying Iran’s Compliance
two- Trump Continues Taking Contradictory Stances on Iran Meeting
three- Government: Lifting All Sanctions Will Pave Way for Negotiation


Aftab-e Yazd:
1- Trump’s Hollow Assistance for Riyadh
two- Bolton Unintentionally Assists Iran
three- What Aramco Incident Reveals [Editorial]


1- Syria War at Final Station
* Iran, Russia, Turkey Presidents Meet in Ankara
two- Rouhani, Macron Attempting to Save JCPOA: Iran Nuclear Chief
three- Foreign Ministry Spokesman: Iran Designing Its Fourth Step in Decreasing Commitments


1- Iran-Russia-Turkey Triangle Guarantor of Syria Safety: Rouhani
two- Females Will Go to Stadiums: Government Spokesman
three- Fabricating Documents in Saudi Way
* UN: Not Clear But Who’s Behind Attack on Saudi Oil Plants


1- 5 Options of Iran for Settlement of Syria Crisis
two- Government Spokesman: Signing JCPOA Was Establishment’s Selection
three- Initial VP: Iran to Use All Its Capacities to Sell Its Oil


1- ‘Zero Oil’ Challenge for Aggressors
* Yemen Warns Saudi, UAE: If You Fail to Leave Yemen, Far more Refineries Will Be Attacked


Jomhouri Eslami:
1- Iran to Outpace Qatar in Gas Extraction from South Pars for Initial Time: Minister
two- Rouhani Stresses Need to have for Respecting Syria’s National Safety, Territorial Integrity
three- Sanders: Mr Trump! We Will not Permit You to Wage War at Request of Barbaric Saudi Dictatorship


1- Yemeni Resistance’s Retaliation Creates Chaos in Oil Marketplace
two- New International Scandal: Saudi Oil Far more Vital than Yemeni People’s Lives!


1- China, Russia against US Fabrication of Scenarios


1- Queen of Medicine Seems in Court
* Former Trade Minister’s Daughter on Trial for Disrupting Medicine Distribution


1- Foreigners Quite Significantly Interested in Owning Shops in Iran
* Chinese in Qeshm and Kish, Emiratis and Iraqis in Anzali and Salmanshahr, Turkish in Aras


1- Saudis Getting Played by Trump
* Saudi Officials Didn’t Attain Conclusions Americans Arrived at on Refinery Attacks
two- Rouhani and Putin Hold Talks behind Closed Doors


Sobh-e Now:
1- Iranian Account of Mykonos Incident
* Anniversary of Mykonos Restaurant Assassinations
* New Book Focuses on 1 of Most Controversial Situations of German Judiciary