With the Bucs’ Thursday evening victory more than their divisional rivals, the Carolina Panthers, now in the rear view mirror, Tampa Bay is on to their Week three matchup against the Giants.

Head coach Bruce Arians spoke to the media on Tuesday as the group has returned to practice in preparation for an crucial game against New York exactly where rookie quarterback Daniel Jones will get his initial profession commence, replacing lengthy-time franchise cornerstone Eli Manning.

Bucs head coach Bruce Arians
Bucs head coach Bruce Arians – Photo by: Cliff Welch/PR

(Opening statement)
“It was a really, really great commence to the week. Incredibly, really speedy and a great, strong practice. We’ve got a great opponent this week. Altering quarterbacks does not definitely modify their offense, it does not definitely modify items for us. We’ve got to quit [Saquon Barkley], it all begins and ends with him, then we’ll attempt to include the quarterback since he is a heck of a lot a lot more mobile than the other guy. You have got to be prepared and offensively I’d like to see us get off to a faster commence.”

(On comparing Christian McCaffrey and Saquon Barkley)
“They’re not the identical, they’re from unique planets. Saquon is stronger, more quickly and he’s got a lot more 50-yard runs than any person, I assume, in a lengthy, lengthy time.”

(On what tends to make Barkley so great)
“He’s difficult to bring down. He does not run by way of numerous men and women, he runs about them and he runs previous them. The size and the speed mixture are exceptionally uncommon.”

(On the essential to game-organizing against rookie quarterbacks)
“I assume the most significant factor is to hold them off balance. Initial and foremost, quit the run. Cease the run and attempt to take the quick bootlegs away and make them play from the pocket.”

(On transitioning from a legend to a young quarterback)
“It’s under no circumstances an quick circumstance. A guy won two Super Bowls and he’s nevertheless playing at a fairly great level. It has to be organizational, from the best down, and for me it would in all probability have to be necessary for me to switch since I’m as well loyal.”

(On having O.J. Howard back on track)
“Just hold playing. Just hold playing and the balls will come. We do not dictate who gets the ball, the defense does so in some cases it’ll spread about to unique men and women each week.”

Bucs TE O.J. Howard - Photo by: Getty Images
Bucs TE O.J. Howard – Photo by: Getty Photos

(On the significance of having a road win prior to a lengthy stretch on the road)
“All the wins at household are crucial. I under no circumstances appear forward, we want to win September. We didn’t do a really great job of finishing the game at household final time so we want to finish the game this time.”

(On closing out the game at Carolina and having the win)
“I assume that it was massive for their self-assurance. I’ve had the self-assurance all along but it definitely depends on them, the locker area, and I assume their self-assurance is fairly higher ideal now. We talked about, we have to practice the identical way this week the identical way we did just after a win as we did just after a loss, the sense of urgency cannot modify.”

(On Shaq Barrett taking benefit of his chance to come to Tampa and be in a beginning part)
“He’s had 4 sacks. He’s about the quarterback a lot, disrupting and swatting with his hands even when he does not get household and that is how he was on tape.”

(On the improvements in the run game)
“I assume Byron [Leftwich] has accomplished a great job sticking with it but as a group, in particular when you play a four-three group, your tight ends have to block nicely against defensive ends. When you play a three-four group it is a lot more the interior guys but as a group we do not run the ball definitely nicely devoid of our receivers and no one particular blocks improved than Chris Godwin.”

(On obtaining the lengthy rest just after a Thursday evening game)
“It’s great. We restricted a handful of guys currently, that didn’t have a complete practice, that will have a complete practice tomorrow so it is normally great. I didn’t like it the second week, now I like it.”

(On his earliest memories of Ronde Barber)
“Just watching them getting born. Ronde and Tiki lived ideal down the street, not even down the street, ideal more than the hill. We purchased condominiums ideal subsequent to each and every other, we had been roommates in college so we had been really, really close. I followed them all through their complete careers and I couldn’t be prouder of each of them but for him to get into the Ring of Honor, that is enormous and I assume the gold jacket shouldn’t be far off.”

Former Bucs CB Ronde Barber
Former Bucs CB Ronde Barber – Photo by: Cliff Welch/PR

(On his preferred story from Ronde)
“We normally babysat Ronde since Tiki was normally in the hospital, he’d have convulsions and so we’d have Ronde and he’d just be bouncing about and playing. He’s got some definitely ugly photos of me with some negative hair.”

(On if Ronde’s ceremony offers the locker area any a lot more emphasis to win)
“I would hope so, that it would imply a tiny bit a lot more, but each and every game carries sufficient weight and significance so it would just be the cherry on the cake to win it for him.”

(On if there’s a sense of chance amongst the group with injuries to Cam Newton and Drew Brees inside the division)
“If there is I’m going to place a match to it since it is about this week. You cannot assume about all that stuff since Teddy Bridgewater is a hell of a player and there are other definitely good players in this league, so no. You take care of today’s company, not Sunday’s, just today’s. Tomorrow hopefully Wednesday’s and on Thursday, Thursday’s. If we can keep like that that we’ll be alright.”

(On the players on offense playing improved about Jameis Winston against the Panthers)
“I believed we had two a lot more touchdowns. I believed there had been two definitely great throws that could have been touchdowns and it would have been a enormous evening for him but they’re continuing to develop in the offense. Defending the ball is paramount, so as lengthy as we can do that we’ll be in the ball game.”

(On if Thursday was a great instance of the best game program)
“Yeah, I’d like to come out of each game, if there’s 60 plays, have 30 runs and 30 passes. That implies we’re operating the ball nicely, that sets up quick play action plays and I’d like to convert a lot more third downs. Certainly third down and red zone had been not really great in that game so recognize them and get them improved.”

(On the challenge of safeguarding a quarterback and developing his self-assurance in his initial commence)
“The ones that I’ve had, we just took the game program and they knew it. I go back and Peyton [Manning] threw a ton of interceptions in these initial 5 games and then all of a sudden we went back by way of our division and he didn’t throw any. I assume Daniel Jones is a really vibrant guy and he had a heck of a preseason. They wouldn’t be producing this get in touch with if he didn’t have a good preseason and they didn’t assume that he could do the job.”

(On the significance of standing by the young quarterback you are establishing)
“I’ll picture that Daniel Jones is their quarterback for a lengthy time, you cannot go back. As soon as you make that move, it is more than.”

Giants QB Eli Manning - Photo by Cliff Welch/PR
Giants QB Eli Manning – Photo by Cliff Welch/PR

(On players employing social media to accelerate trades)
“I’m not a fan of it.”

(On stopping Saquon Barkley)
“You’ve got to gang-tackle. It is going to take everyone having to the ball and gap integrity. You cannot attempt to do as well a great deal. If you attempt to do a lot more than your job, then you are going to open up a enormous hole and he’s going to discover it. Keep in your gap and get everyone to the ball. Our defensive backs are going to have to tackle definitely nicely and if a security requires a negative angle, Todd [Bowles] showed about 20 clips currently in the meeting, if you take a negative angle it is a touchdown.

(On the Bucs’ defense obtaining a massive turnaround whilst the Giants are struggling to discover their groove)
“Keep it that way. 1 factor we’re carrying out is playing difficult. We’re not playing excellent but we’re playing definitely difficult and if you are playing tougher than the other group for 60 minutes then you have a likelihood.”