Teebs is back! After a five year hiatus, Teebs, aka Mtendere Mandowa, is announcing a new album called Annica. The word is a Buddhist step towards enlightenment used to describe the impermanence of all being, and that everything is one. “It’s a reminder to myself that nothing is permanent,” Teebs said in a press release. The LA-based musician used the last five years to slow down and have a family, but now he’s ready to dive back into it.

Today, he’s sharing the lead single from Annica, titled “Studie,” which sees Teebs teaming up with Panda Bear. This track is wafting and luscious, with a Mellotron M4000D synthesizer charting the atmosphere, as melodies seem to fall by the wayside. It creates this feeling that I can only equate to the physical sensation of when the clouds part after a rainy day, and you’re able to feel the sunshine on your skin.

Listen to “Studie” below, as well as “Mirror Memory,” which was shared earlier this year as part of the Adult Swim Singles. You can also check out the Annica tracklist, which includes features from Sudan Archives and Kendrick Lamar collaborator Anna Wise among others.

01 “Atoms Song” (Feat. Thomas Stankiewicz)
02 “Black Dove” (Feat. Sudan Archives)
03 “Shells”
04 “Threads” (Feat. Anna Wise)
05 “Studie” (Feat. Panda Bear)
06 “Mirror Memory”
07 “Prayers i”
08 “Prayers ii”
09 “Universe” (Feat. Daydream Masi)
10 “Marcel”
11 “Mmntm” (Feat. Ringgo Ancheta and Former Boy)
12 “Daughter Callin’” (Feat. Pink Siifu)
13 “Slumber”
14 “Muted” (Feat. Thomas Stankiewicz)

Annica is out 10/25 via Brainfeeder. Pre-order it here.