It is secure to say Abbie Chatfield’s journey on The Bachelor was very the rollercoaster. From various contestants attempting to convince Matt Agnew to send her household, to even his most effective pal expressing her issues, it seemed drama followed Abbie just about every step of the way. As significantly as it all created for entertaining viewing, it led to her copping an intense quantity of hate from the common public. The challenges she has faced considering that the show went to air had been only compounded by the reality she was turned down by Matt in final night’s intense finale. Beneath, she chats how she feels about Matt now, as properly as her edit and the audience’s reaction to it.

POPSUGAR: Hi Abbie, how are you feeling about all the things, are you okay?

Abbie: I am undertaking okay! Contemplating the final handful of months of my life, and specially final evening, I am okay. I had a handful of tears this morning, and a lot of tears final evening, but I am undertaking far better as time goes on all through the day.

PS: How was watching it all back final evening?

Abbie: It was truly rough. Watching my final date with Matt truly, truly got to me. The complete factor with Kate was fine and that was an precise depiction. But then when I watched my date with Matt and saw the moment exactly where I realised I may well not see him once more, I had a lot of tears and a pretty emotional reaction to that. Watching the show, you do not realise how intense the feelings truly are till you are in that position. Every thing is totally actual, and it feels like a actual breakup.

PS: How did you even commence to course of action the scenario after you mentioned goodbye to Matt?

Abbie: I naturally did not deal with it pretty properly, I was in total shock and did not count on it at all. I had just focused on Matt and all the things that he was saying to me, and we had such a excellent date only the day just before. I could not even believe of something to say, and my producer was crying, and I did not have any feelings. I believe everybody was like, “it is going to take place,” and then it did just hit me like a wave.

PS: Oh wow, if the producer was crying, I believe that surely goes to show how raw the moment was. . .

Abbie: Yeah, it was difficult! Attempting to express your feelings although understanding you are becoming filmed, and that just about every word you say will be possibly aired to the nation make it even tougher to let your self go emotionally. I currently have delayed reactions to items, so it wasn’t till I got back to the hotel space that I lost it.

PS: You mentioned some thing to him like, “you could have sent me household so significantly earlier”. Searching back now, would you have preferred not to make it as far as you did?

Abbie: Yes, I nonetheless want he had sent me household significantly earlier. I was going via all that stuff in the property, and I got the furthest you could get without having becoming the 1 selected. In addition to that, the public retaliation and the backlash that I received went for the whole eight weeks [of the show airing]. I copped it in its entirety for the whole time.

PS: Your scenario reminds me of Alex Nation, who was also a frontrunner that received a lot of backlash, but it was balanced by the reality that she won. . .

Abbie: Yeah, but I believe if I had ended up with Matt, I possibly would have copped even a lot more backlash. Individuals believe they have the ideal to commentate on what Matt must have performed. Individuals comment on my photographs supporting me like, “Matt must have selected you for the reason that of X, Y and Z,” and I am just like, “that is beautiful that you really feel the will need to make me really feel far better, but him created the choice by himself, and it was the ideal 1 for the reason that they are nonetheless with each other and they are satisfied,” so I do not believe any person must have an opinion on who an individual must or must not opt for.

PS: Yeah, properly adore is an completely subjective factor ideal?

Abbie: Yeah, and the public are only seeing a compact portion of our dates. They do not know Matt, they do not know us, they do not know something truly. They know a small bit, but the only know as significantly as they can match into an episode.

PS: You also mentioned final evening that you believed you’d be more than the complete scenario by the time the show went to air. Are you in reality more than it?

Abbie: Nicely. . . I was pretty incorrect! [Laughs] I am nonetheless attempting to get more than it. I am not madly in adore with Matt, it is like I am nonetheless pining for him, but it is just difficult to get via it when you have to watch it all take place once more.

PS: How have you felt about the edit you received this season?

Abbie: I nonetheless believe that more than the whole show, I did not say something nasty about any person or to any person. I mentioned 1 factor about Elly that I regret, but other than that I have not nasty about any person. But, I’ve copped everybody saying horrible items about me all season in the media, in interviews and also on the show as properly. But somehow I am the villain? I am the 1 who’s got snake music playing more than me although I am just sipping a glass of wine. I’d adore to ask men and women who say I am nasty or imply which certain situations they are speaking about, and men and women say, “oh we really feel like we can not trust you,” and it is like, that is for the reason that of music!

It actually comes down to men and women becoming strayed by how someone’s been presented. I just do not believe I’ve performed something that terrible. Individuals can say that I am cocky, but I know that wasn’t the case and that it was played up a lot. Individuals can say that I did not care about Matt, but I know I do care about Matt and that I was just crying about him. Individuals can say that I was also sexual, but that is just slut-shaming. I would have loved to have noticed a lot more of my dates incorporated, there had been items that had been omitted that type of upset me. I did not see a conversation involving myself and Matt at all. I would have loved to have noticed that just for me, so I could see 1 of our excellent conversations. That time when I “reduce in” on Elly in that line, Matt and I had a chat about feminism and my struggles with depression and anxiousness. That was our conversation. We also truly spoke about marriage and youngsters then, and about timelines, compromises and the future. But rather they created it appear like I’d just taken him aside for a laugh.

PS: What are the most good items you have gotten out of your time on the show?

Abbie: I’ve had a handful of messages from men and women saying they are a lot more confident in their sexuality now and that I’ve created them really feel a lot more confident in themselves, so I guess just that. I naturally did not stroll away with Matt like I would have liked to, but that is a good consolation.