True Housewives of Orange County star Emily Simpson’s husband Shane was accused of physically and sexually abusing his ex-wife, according to quite a few reports.

The couple have been facing public scrutiny though this season has been airing. The couple’s marriage troubles played out for everybody to see though Shane was away from his family members studying for the California state bar. Shane had currently failed the Bar Exam as soon as in February of 2019 and decided to take it once more presently, he is waiting for his benefits to see if he passed. Shane and Emily have been married on February 14, 2009, and have 3 kids.

According to OK Magazine, Shane’s ex-wife had accused him of abuse. In Orange County Superior Court documents, Shane was accused of sexually, physically, and emotionally abusing his ex-wife, Miriam, through their divorce in 2008.

Following filing for divorce, Miriam declared that Shane attacked her, but was also addicted to prescription medicine. The court documents showed that Miriam claimed that her ex-husband made her really feel trapped due to his manage troubles and that she frequently feared for her life. She even went as far as to say she had health-related documents that claimed she became sick due to the abuse, possessing been diagnosed with a blood disorder.

Shane has denied all allegations that his ex-wife produced against him, even pointing out that the police have been in no way referred to as for the abuse allegations. Shane has claimed that his ex-wife took his two kids back to Utah with out informing him, saying in November 2007 she left for a Thanksgiving trip and in no way returned back to Orange County.

When his ex-wife did lastly file the divorce paperwork, she refused to let Shane see his kids. The father had no concept exactly where his kids have been staying or the subsequent time he would see them.

According to the court documents that have been filed inside Orange County a judge ruled that Shane was to pay $three,000 a month in youngster assistance.

While these allegations occurred 10 years ago, fans are beginning to be concerned about Emily, as her marital troubles with Shane continue to play out this season on RHOC.