The seven-track work explores the depths of the evening though highlighting Quiet Bison’s avant-garde sound.

Portland-native Quiet Bison continues to be at the forefront of experimental dance music movement with the most recent addition to his revolutionary catalog. His third EP, NIGHTFALL, is out now.

Emerging from the shadows of Portland comes 18-year-old Quinn Brown, greater identified as Quiet Bison, who has been quickly producing a name for himself given that beginning his project in 2018. The avant-garde producer burst onto the scene with his debut Trials and Tribulations EP, swiftly drawing the interest of modern EDM prime dogs such as Flume and What So Not. His song “Thimble” was featured on Flume’s “Hi This Is Playlist” Spotify playlist, and he served as direct help for What So Not earlier this year. The talented producer continued his sweeping accomplishment all through the get started of 2019 releasing his sophomore EP, Sequence. Defining his style with rapid-witted, complicated sound style and compelling melodies, Brown has solidified his spot as an revolutionary experimental producer to watch.

Following suit with his signature style, NIGHTFALL is a observed-track homage to fellow insomniacs and explores the symptoms of sundown. “I got the thought for this EP when I was on a late-evening drive and felt that I necessary music to hold me awake by means of the trip,” he explained. “I’m ordinarily a evening owl anyway, so a lot of this EP was written at evening or just as the sun was increasing though I was sleep deprived and a small out of it.” 

Quiet Bison has an upcoming Halloween functionality on Thursday, October 31st in San Francisco for the 30th Anniversary Annual Mad Hatter Ball. He will be performing alongside Nitti Gritti and Whethan. For ticketing information, visit here.

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Nightfall Quiet Bison


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