The Plates series from Calyx & Teebee has observed them strip back today’s music conventions and release records in a format which draws complete focus to every single revolutionary aspect of the project.

For its fourth chapter, the duo delivers ‘Made in Detroit’, a track which has currently garnered chaotic reactions from audiences, particularly when dropped at this year’s Boomtown festival.

It is a take on the classic sound by means of the lens of Calyx & Teebee and a reduce which hints at the duo’s antiquity. With techno influences getting a driving force behind ‘Made in Detroit’, even though switched to a hammering drum & bass tempo and offered the specialist Calyx & Teebee moniker, you are brought into patches of twisting, grappling bass and bleeping, atmospheric stabs, creating to build an immersive landscape.

Following the seven-minute journey ‘Look to the Skies’, ‘Made it Detroit’ continues the similar ethos of Plates but by means of a diverse sonic spectrum while nonetheless holding their impeccable requirements. Prepare, when additional, to be pulled into the planet of Plates.

Hannah Helbert

Hannah Helbert

Hannah has worked in the music sector for more than 5 years, spending her time mostly across dubstep and drum & bass. Having said that, she’s a fan of a selection of sub-genres, which also consist of bassline, garage, tech property and lots of other varieties of electronic music.

Hannah Helbert

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