Vanderpump Rules’ Jax Taylor Slams 50 Cent! Calls Him “Stupid” more than Lala


Vanderpump Rules' Jax Taylor Slams 50 Cent! Reveals Why He

Vanderpump Guidelines stars Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright are calling out 50 Cent and defending costar Lala Kent and her fiancé Randall Emmett amid their ongoing feud with the rapper.

It is challenging to retain up with the seemingly neverending feud going on in between 50 Cent and Lala Kent, plus her fiancé, that is been going on due to the fact April. But the reality star’s buddies Jax and Brittany are saying sufficient is sufficient!

“You know [50 Cent] appears stupid, he’s the one particular that appears dumb to be truthful,” Jax blurted out in an interview with Hollywood Life this week. “If you study all the comments everyone’s going soon after him, not her. That is how bullying is. That is how folks hurt themselves.”

“It’s type of crazy essentially, that a grown man is going soon after a 100 pound girl…a lot of folks have performed a lot worse to you 50 Cent,” the bartender continued. “And [you’re] going to go soon after a girl? Lies.”

As fans have currently discovered, 50 Cent and Randall each served as executive producers on a show named Energy on Starz. And according to the “Candy Shop” rapper, he loaned Randall $1 million dollars that he was nevertheless waiting to be paid back for. And soon after 50 Cent released a thread of text messages in between the two of them, the media ran with it — specifically soon after seeing that Randall referred to 50 as “fofty” in a typo.

And whilst the two seemed to settle their dollars dispute, the feud got reignited final week soon after Lala claimed she “dinged his ego” throughout a Watch What Takes place Reside episode on September 12. Due to the fact then, 50 Cent has continued to get in touch with Randall and his reality star fiancée names on social media, prompting the couple to allegedly threaten to sue.

But Lala’s buddies are not about to let 50 Cent continue to get in touch with her out. And comparable to her husband, Jax, Brittany is also speaking out to defend her buddy soon after 50 Cent questioned Lala’s sobriety.

“[There is] no truth to [50’s comments] whatsoever. So I feel that is the worst portion. Anytime somebody just straight up lies about you,” Brittany told Hollywood Life. “But Lala’s surely attempting to keep good. She’s attempting not to appear at stuff…don’t attack somebody for some thing so tiny, I just do not fully grasp.”

Brittany also added that her costar was “strong” and has been “sober for a year” in response to the rumors 50 has been spreading about the Vanderpump Guidelines star, saying she was acting drunk and working with cocaine. Lala has vehemently denied these accusations and referred to them as “cyberbullying.”

“It’s sad to see folks who are attempting to superior themselves, folks who are attempting to turn a new leaf. And folks nevertheless go soon after them. You cannot win,” Jax continued in the interview alongside his wife. “Even when you are an a**hole, you have been young and for that, you superior your self, you cannot win. You just cannot win.”

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